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Synonyms for ignoble

Synonyms for ignoble

having or proceeding from low moral standards

lacking high station or birth

Synonyms for ignoble

completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose

not of the nobility

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Easily accessible technological devices will enable the minor members of the society to have free access to ignoble literature, images or others, which will prove to be detrimental for their little minds.
Muriuki said governor Sonko has called him and stated in regular and Social Media that these ignoble and revolting characters had nothing to do with him.
While the fourth estate can act as a robust mechanism in ensuring accountability, after Zainab's murder, it in large part succumbed instead to sensationalist and speculative reporting for the sake of ratings, and other ignoble ends, before moving on to the next issue.
Animated "The Emoji Movie" stunk up the annual Razzie awards on Saturday, tanking below all contenders for worst achievements in film, while Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson were also roasted for 2017's most ignoble performances.
"Nous prsentons aux familles des victimes et leurs proches ainsi qu'au peuple libyen fr?re et son gouvernement, nos sinc?res condolances et leur exprimons notre solidarit et notre vive condamnation de cet acte ignoble contraire aux valeurs humaines et morales", a-t-il soulign.
The move is to an area 'Far From the Madding Crowds Ignoble Strife', but although our relocation is to the highest village in the Scottish Highlands, (Tomintoul, ca.
He has in the arsenal of his knowledge the very tools by which he can poison and destroy society and bring it to an ignoble end.'
TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisia condemned, on Tuesday, the ignoble terrorist attack perpetrated, last Sunday, in Lahore, Pakistan.
In "Ignoble Displacement: Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London", author, and interdisciplinary writer/academic Stephanie Polsky proposes that we reinterpret the writings of Charles Dickens to find the antecedents of our present situation with regards to capital, empire and subjectivity.
Tout en exprimant Sa ferme condamnation de cet attentat abject, SM le Roi a fait part de [beaucoup moins que]la solidarite totale[beaucoup plus grand que] du Royaume du Maroc avec le peuple tunisien frere dans sa lutte contre ces actes barbares, et de son soutien pour faire face a toutes les formes de terrorisme ignoble, prohibe par toutes les religions celestes et rejete par les valeurs nobles de la religion musulmane.
People who have been to war have left the universe behind because war no matter how justified or unjustified, noble or ignoble is always a crime
Fry said: "I take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly, to the owners, managers or representatives of the noble and ignoble premises."
Mazrouki et, a travers lui, au peuple tunisien frere, de sa condamnation de "cet acte terroriste ignoble".
Should this prove to be the fool's trade it appears to be -- of five superior, well-connected, hostile killing machines without a conscience for one ignoble, dishonorable, damaged fellow citizen of ours -- we may still take heart that, after all, he's an American, which makes up for a lot, though not, I believe, should many of us die in consequence.