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Synonyms for ignoble

Synonyms for ignoble

having or proceeding from low moral standards

lacking high station or birth

Synonyms for ignoble

completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose

not of the nobility

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TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisia condemned, on Tuesday, the ignoble terrorist attack perpetrated, last Sunday, in Lahore, Pakistan.
Tout en exprimant Sa ferme condamnation de cet attentat abject, SM le Roi a fait part de [beaucoup moins que]la solidarite totale[beaucoup plus grand que] du Royaume du Maroc avec le peuple tunisien frere dans sa lutte contre ces actes barbares, et de son soutien pour faire face a toutes les formes de terrorisme ignoble, prohibe par toutes les religions celestes et rejete par les valeurs nobles de la religion musulmane.
People who have been to war have left the universe behind because war no matter how justified or unjustified, noble or ignoble is always a crime
Fry said: "I take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly, to the owners, managers or representatives of the noble and ignoble premises.
Should this prove to be the fool's trade it appears to be -- of five superior, well-connected, hostile killing machines without a conscience for one ignoble, dishonorable, damaged fellow citizen of ours -- we may still take heart that, after all, he's an American, which makes up for a lot, though not, I believe, should many of us die in consequence.
The Easter holiday also had an ignoble distinction that spring.
It was engineered so well that even in its death throes, it surrendered only to the demolition hammer and her ignoble end.
Sadly, the Beeb has a long and ignoble history of TV fakery.
I was saddened on a visit home to read on your pages of the ignoble end of my alma mater as a failing school ("School is beyond help", February 22)
Indeed -- if the reports are true -- the ignoble guy who made this film produced by Christians, Copts, Jews, Americans, Evangelists and neocons has already confessed that the film was the product of a planned scheme.
Cet acte terroriste impitoyable qui a pris pour cible des innocents reunis pour une ceremonie religieuse demontre une nouvelle fois la nature ignoble et malfaisante de l'ennemi qui ne supporte meme pas que le peuple musulman d'Afghanistan accomplisse les rites de l'islam", a declare le president afghan Karzai.
We made bad measure of greatness conferred nobility on the ignoble and
Peters, on the other hand, was a sad but far from ignoble figure.
The very action seemed pinched, ignoble, mean-spirited as pension schemes, insurance policies or burglar alarms.
Robert Ford, TheatreSquared's artistic director, says he welcomes the opportunity to acquaint Arkansans with one of the area's more ignoble chapters.