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a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

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Beyond providing services directly to small businesses - Ignitor is dedicated to becoming a trusted referral source for agencies looking to send small leads to a solid and trusted team.
The Ignitor device would have high field copper magnets (about13 Tesla), and pulse lengths of several seconds.
HPSV Ignitor suitable for 250W set, 230V - Qty 30 Nos
The collaboration will help the company to sell its models including the Passion Pro, Splendor Plus, Karizma and Ignitor, online.
design) and Ignitor (a potential Italian project) were all viable routes to study burning plasmas.
It will sell more brands from HeroCorp's stable, including its best-selling motorcycles the Splendor Plus, Passion Pro, Ignitor, Karizma among others.
Ignitor, FIRE and ITER would enable studies of the physics of burning plasma, advance fusion technology, and contribute to the development of fusion energy.
Tender notice number : GM/BII/PUR/HPSV CHK IGNITOR /17-18/36
Models such as Maestro, Ignitor and Impulse still warrant loyalty, however, as the technology for these models were sourced from Honda after the break-up.
The Ignitor is powered by a 125cc Ecno-Power with low friction technology engine that delivers 11 bhp of power at 8000rpm, promising both fuel economy along with a good power and pick up.
While ITER is the burning plasma experiment most preferred by the international fusion community and the major governments, there are two, more modest-performance, experiments being investigated within the US fusion community: FIRE and Ignitor.
Tenders are invited for 250 Watt Electronic Short Distance Ignitor Max: 2 Mtrs-5 Mtrs In Polypropylene Container Suitable For Metal Halide Lamp Compatible To 250 Watt Ballast Suitable At 200 Volt-230 Volt ,50 Hz ,With Electronic Circuit For Generating Pulse Voltage For Lamp Ignitor .
The automaker sold more than 40,000 units of Splendor alone and rest of the numbers came from Passion, Maestro and Pleasure, Ignitor, Hunk and Xtreme models.