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The laser ignition system could be used in the Ariane 6 launch vehicle currently under development.
Two ovens involved in accidents were sent away for examination and both were found to be defective, while only a small number have working ignition systems.
Tom Shenton and Geoff Dearden, academics at the University of Liverpool, have developed a new laser ignition system in the laboratory that has been proven to work and they are now making further investigations into precisely how advantageous the system is and how cost-effective it can be made.
In addition, the older pellet ignition system had some reliability issues.
The ignition system is being developed by a Meggitt sister company, Vibro-Meter France.
It is shaped like a walking stick, a gas canister screws into to the handle and it has a press-button ignition system.
The stunning fit and finish is something normally only seen on an expensive custom rifle regardless of caliber or ignition system.
Available in either a natural gas or liquid propane model, the plaque-style, EN10 heater features a Piezo spark ignition system, which allows instant start-up without electricity, matches or batteries by simply pressing the pilot light for worry-free operation in case of power outages.
GM said that it has logged 80 incidents of heat buildup, melted components smoldering parts and fires in the ignition system and steering column but that none of the incidents has caused injuries or fatalities.
Parker also relates how the principles of electricity and magnetism are used in the ignition system and how braking relies on friction.
From a prototype capacitive discharge ignition system (in 1963
A keyless entry and ignition system is also under development at the moment for the Astra.
The push-button ignition system makes lighting easy every time, although most barbecuing men enjoy more of a challenge than that.
This unit utilises a Piezo catalytic reaction ignition system, thereby ensuring that there is no naked flame and thus any associated dangers.
The EtronX electronic ignition system utilizes patented technology to discharge the round, resulting in nearly instant ignition powered by a standard 9-volt battery.