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With a keyless ignition system, the driver no longer carries a key.
The global ignition system market is analyzed in terms of volume (units) and value ($million) for the aforesaid components, ignition type and region as:
A magneto-based ignition system always fires the spark plugs at the same point--usually 25 degrees before top dead center--with the idea that the combustion event will reach maximum pressure by the time the piston reaches about 11 to 17 degrees past top dead center.
New motions filed in GM class action over ignition system
The magneto ignition system itself cannot determine the quality of mixture in the combustion chamber.
Murphy's new gas compressor Engine Integrated Control System (EICS) integrates key components for engine optimization, including ignition system, air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnessing, catalyst and the engine control module, into one complete package.
The Dual Coil Offset (DCO) Ignition System from Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, improves on this performance by creating a continuous spark of variable duration in high-dilution engines allowing them to run more efficiently.
Inspectors found it had been installed by a chef, was never maintained, had a broken ignition system and was lit using a burning serviette.
RESEARCHERS at the University of Liverpool are working on a laser ignition system for cars which could cut harmful exhaust emissions and make motors more efficient.
RESEARCHERS in Liverpool have teamed up with Ford to develop a pioneering laser ignition system that could revolutionise motor manufacturing.
Other features include calorized steel emitter tubes for higher radiant efficiency and safety, a state-of-the-art step opening combustion gas valve for quieter ignition and a closed combustion chamber design and direct spark ignition system with 100% safety shutoff control.
The Spitfire features the now industry standard Blazer state-of-the-art piezo electric quartz crystal instant ignition system.
Other features include, a match grade barrel, custom sights, machined beavertail grip safety, hand checkering, performance ignition system and many other custom features.
To keep the new smoke compositions burning long enough to produce the necessary amount of smoke, starter patches are being tested to replace the more complex pellet ignition system.