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switch that operates a solenoid that closes a circuit to operate the starter

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Owners also said that while they were used to complying with the AD requiring an annual inspection of the rotary ignition switch, they'd prefer not to have to deal with it.
This paper uses the 2014 crisis faced by General Motors (GM) as the automaker recalled almost 2.6 million vehicles because of ignition switch issues (Harris & Sherman, 2017).
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is paying USD120m to settle claims from dozens of states in its massive ignition switch defect scandal.
Scheuer and some 1,600 other claimants allege the problem was a defect that caused the ignition switch to go from the "run" to the "accessory" or "off" position, causing their vehicles to lose power, speed control and braking, and, in Scheuer's case and others, prevent air bags from deploying.
The problems that General Motors (GM) has faced in the wake of revelations about faulty ignition switches have been piling up like, well, crashed cars slamming into each other on a busy highway.
A company-funded investigation of the ignition switch problems by former U.S.
The faulty ignition switch that has forced General Motors to recall another 3.4 million cars, the company announced Monday.
Also complicating the ignition switch recall was a separate ignition lock cylinder recall affecting the same vehicles.
"GM found that in an atypical seating situation, drivers could bump the key fob with their knees, moving the ignition switch out of the run position," GM safety spokesman Alan Adler said, Reuters reported.
Senator Clare McCaskill, who oversees a Senate subcommittee about GM's handling of the ignition switch problem, cited the recent recalls are vital on pressuring GM to be transparent in fixing its vehicles issues.
In the U.S., GM CEO Mary Barra was called to answer questions to Congress over a recall of 2.6 million cars because of an ignition switch that turns off while the car is being driven.
The faulty ignition switch has been linked to at least 13 deaths and the recall of 2.6 million GM vehicles.
Installing is as simple as plugging cliMATE in-between the Mercedes Benz ignition switch and its harness.
As the driver stopped the car, officer SPO Gul Nawaz approached the said car and observed that the window glass of the back door was broken and there was no key in the ignition switch. When questioned, driver Muhammad Shafiq from Lahore failed to satisfy the officer and ran away from the scene.