ignition switch

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switch that operates a solenoid that closes a circuit to operate the starter

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The recalls involved a defective ignition switch which, under certain conditions, could move out of the Run position to the Accessory or Off position.
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is paying USD120m to settle claims from dozens of states in its massive ignition switch defect scandal.
Ignition key can be pulled out of the ignition switch regardless of switch position.
Scheuer and some 1,600 other claimants allege the problem was a defect that caused the ignition switch to go from the "run" to the "accessory" or "off" position, causing their vehicles to lose power, speed control and braking, and, in Scheuer's case and others, prevent air bags from deploying.
GM found that in an atypical seating situation, drivers could bump the key fob with their knees, moving the ignition switch out of the run position," GM safety spokesman Alan Adler said, Reuters reported.
Senator Clare McCaskill, who oversees a Senate subcommittee about GM's handling of the ignition switch problem, cited the recent recalls are vital on pressuring GM to be transparent in fixing its vehicles issues.
The faulty ignition switch has been linked to at least 13 deaths and the recall of 2.
5 million vehicles on Monday over a faulty ignition switch that has been linked to the death of 12 people.
Installing is as simple as plugging cliMATE in-between the Mercedes Benz ignition switch and its harness.
Never turn off the master disconnect switch key or the ignition switch before setting the throttle to OFF.
As the driver stopped the car, officer SPO Gul Nawaz approached the said car and observed that the window glass of the back door was broken and there was no key in the ignition switch.
Q | With the ignition switch off, my voltmeter reads zero, as I it should.
Owen Dodds turned his bedroom at his parents' home near Otterburn, Northumberland, into a mini-munitions factory containing pipe bombs, explosive chemicals, a home-made pistol, a bomb timer, and an ignition switch made from a clothes peg, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
On the right-hand side is the ammeter that shows the rate of charge from the generator (gear driven on Model T) and the left side has the ignition switch.
The system consists of an RFID reader module; a PCB module; an illuminated button; and a relay module, connected to vehicle ignition switch or anti-theft wireless relay connected ignition circuit.