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a restraint incorporated into the ignition switch to prevent the use of a vehicle by persons who do not have the key

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If the vehicle is driven that way and experiences a "significant jarring event," the ignition lock cylinder could move into the "accessory" position, affecting engine power, power steering and power braking.
The state also has yet to adopt mandatory ignition locks for all convicted drunk drivers.
Twin front airbags, seatbelts with pre-tensioners and an enhanced side impact system are designed to increase occupant protection and there's also a multifunction alarm with ignition lock, remote central locking and engine immobiliser.
The owner found the door of his car had been wrenched backwards and the ignition lock pulled out, Ms Mead told the court.
The car cost only pounds 300 and by the time we've paid for the repairs to a window and the ignition lock, what's the point?
I'm too much of an iconoclast to believe that you have to have the ignition lock on the floor and put the gearbox in reverse when parking before you can call a vehicle a Saab.
The engine immobiliser employs an electronic security code which changes randomly each time the system operates, while a transponder in the key transmits a signal to an antenna in the ignition lock.
And for all but left-handers like me the start-up and ignition lock is bizarrely located behind the gear stick in the centre - and can only be activated when the lever is in reverse.
Often stolen recovereds just need new door locks, a side-window or an ignition lock.
Thieves simply get in the car through an unlocked door, pull out the ignition lock cylinder and start the car, or simply use the key if it's in the ignition.
The scooter features a special edition dual tone colour, black wheels, a new instrument cluster, a new integrated brake system that is similar to the Hero Maestro's combi-braking mechanism, a light in the lockable glove box, side stand indicators, combination ignition lock and seat opening mechanism.
Bob Hedlund that would have required anyone convicted for the first time of drunken driving to use an ignition lock for six months.
Integral to the Porsche design DNA in the case of the 911 is the steeply rear-sloping roofline, the flat, stretched silhouette, exciting surfaces, the air intake instead of a radiator grille, a downward tapering rear window, pronounced shoulders, the visible tailpipes, and of course the ignition lock, which has always been on the left of the steering wheel in a Porsche.
Like in the exterior design, classic Porsche elements can also be found in the interior -- the instrument cluster with five round instruments of which one of them is a high resolution multifunction screen, the central rev counter and the ignition lock to the left of the steering wheel.