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a key that operates the ignition switch of an automotive engine

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If a fuel computer is swapped between vehicles and the wrong ignition key signal is received at the fuel computer, the computer will shut down and become useless.
General Motors will rework or replace the ignition keys on about 3.
The largest current segment for automotive RFID is in vehicle entry and security systems, principally the immobilizers that disable a vehicle unless its RFID reader detects the correct tag in the driver's ignition key.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of the accidental shutdown as the ignition key unintentionally rotates to the 'accessory' position while driving.
The cylinders can allow removal of the ignition key while the engine is running, leading to a possible rollaway, crash and occupant or pedestrian injuries.
Detective Constable Alex Paul, of Surrey Police, said: "The 'buyers' switched the real ignition key for an identical fake and even put it on a similar key-ring so the victim would not be suspicious.
Their father, who had the ignition key to the jet ski, joined the lifeboat crew members to collect the jetski, at sea.
It was kept in its usual place in a shed next to the house, in Ravensworth Road, Ferryhill, but the thief or thieves managed to gain access to the shed and also to the ignition key to the scooter.
There is no need to insert the ignition key you simply turn a switch where the ignition key is normally located.
Corsas remain well kitted out, the likes of a CD player, electric door mirrors, dual front airbags and folding ignition key common to every model while on the safety front, should the ABS system be activated the brake lights will flash five times per second to warn following motorists.
The Swedish company, noted for their safety innovations, are also planning to bring in a programmable ignition key which can limit a car's top speed.
The situation is created by excessive wear or contamination in the key cylinder that prevents proper shift interlock operation, making it possible to turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position and remove the key without shifting the transmission to "PARK.
Make sure the fan belt is in good condition, with the correct tension - ensure that your ignition key is removed prior to checking.
Virgin Megastores in Burbank and West Hollywood are offering free MTV Ignition Key Cards that will give you front-of-the-line privileges now through Thursday at the Derby, the Garage, Garden of Eden, the Gig, Hollywood Athletic Club (former home of the Emmy Awards), Luna Park, Martini Lounge, Opium Den and the Troubadour.
Marion was only given one ignition key when she bought the car from Archers of Airdrie, last year.