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a key that operates the ignition switch of an automotive engine

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Ignition key can be pulled out of the ignition switch regardless of switch position.
In papers filed with the court, Godfrey and Bloomer state that "The unrebutted scientific evidence shows that a Saturn Ion operated with only an ignition key is substantially less susceptible to inadvertent rotation, and cannot inertially rotate at all, than an ignition switch with a key having multiple items attached to its ring,"
What makes cliMATE very convenient is the ability to remotely start a Mercedes with no need to carry anything extra in the pocket - the cliMATE is controlled with the existing Mercedes Smartkey, the ignition key supplied with the vehicle.
While in one of the scenarios presented by Apple, the technology would work by detecting the motion of the driver while analyzing the surrounding scenery automatically, the second scenario would have the car's ignition key send a signal to the phone to disable texting, the report added.
Drivers are allocated a loading bay, they leave their ignition key with the transport office and collect the Salvo Susie for that bay.
After reversing their vehicle onto the bay, they return to the transport office where they leave their ignition key and collect the Salvo[TM] Susie for that loading bay.
The special ignition key comes with the new loos Ford Fiesta and can be programmed by parents to ensure young drivers toe the line.
Honda Motor Co will recall 871,000 vehicles that could roll away after the ignition key has been removed, including 807,000 in the United States, the company said on Wednesday.
She said he flew into a rage and when she tried to drive off he grabbed the ignition key, injuring her finger, then put his hands around her neck and squeezed, and punched her.
An inquest heard the machine's operator, Andrew Sampson, had forgotten Mr Longbottom was working inside the crusher when he turned the ignition key.
The Start&Stop system stops the engine automatically without the driver having to turn off the ignition key whenever traffic conditions bring the car to a complete halt.
Like a V-chip for cars, the programmable ignition key lets parents exercise some control over their teen drivers.
Alternatively the device can be wired to just enable the ignition key, further improving security.
Hitachi is promoting the application of finger vein authentication technology in all manner of everyday situations, not just the office, such as the proposal of systems for the ignition key in cars.
Inside the head of an ignition key, the transponder must convince the vehicle's computer that it has the correct 40-bit code before fuel will flow to the engine.