ignition interlock

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a device that prevents an automotive engine from starting


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Ignition interlock devices require a breath sample before the user may start a vehicle.
Alcohol Detection Systems, based in Baltimore, Maryland, has been providing ignition interlock devices since 2002.
Alcohol Detection Systems offers ignition interlock devices under its Determinator(R) product line, which Directed will maintain moving forward.
In an interview after the press conference, Lesch acknowledged it might be difficult to put the tech genie back in the bottle with respect to the ignition interlock program.
Every state requires ignition interlock for some drunk driving offenders, but MADD wants all 50 states to require ignition interlocks for all offenders following a drunk-driving offense.
California was the first state to establish an ignition interlock program when lawmakers passed the Farr-Davis Safety Act of 1986, authorizing the use of interlocks as a condition of DUI probation.
com)-- Persistence Market Research (PMR) announces the release of its latest report titled "North America Ignition Interlock Devices: Market Analysis & Opportunity Assessment, 2015-2021.
AN ignition interlock device (IID), is a breath alcohol instrument installed in a car, taxi, truck, bus, tram or train, which is designed to allow the ignition to start the engine only when the driver's breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is below a pre-determined limit.
Central locking and double glazed windows make the model a safe CHOICE, with other safety features including a special motorhome chassis, airbags, ABS, an ignition interlock system, a wide track rear axle, electric, de-icing rear-view mirrors, cab seats with double armrests, height adjustable driver and passenger seats and an integrated antenna in rear view mirrors.
Heyn's driver's license had a restriction on it requiring that he only drive a vehicle with an ignition interlock.
Development of the Vehicle Alcohol Ignition Interlock
The 'Baby' hitmaker has also been ordered to attend a "victim impact panel", which involves relatives of DUI victims sharing their stories and installing an ignition interlock device for 3 months.
gov have been expanded to include obtaining an Ignition Interlock Permit.
The length of time that a DUII offender must keep an ignition interlock device varies from one year for those who enter a diversion program to five years for repeat offenders who have their licenses revoked.
The automaker said a part in the ignition interlock could become damaged or worn, enabling the key to be removed even if the vehicle's transmission lever has not been shifted into park.