ignition coil

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an induction coil that converts current from a battery into the high-voltage current required by spark plugs

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Some petrol-engined VW Group products did have problems with ignition coils in recent months and the corporation did, to its credit, embark on a massive and expensive recall campaign.
If the light stays on and the car misfires, the most likely problem is the ignition coil pack.
His problems include a broken radiator hose, a faulty sensor and failed ignition coil.
If the engine gives up the ghost, wipe the battery leads, distributor cap and ignition coil (in older cars), before spraying the entire area.
New synthetic materials reduce weight, and an innovative, secure component connection technology inside the body of the ignition coil improves reliability and durability.
Gill had denied that he told Mr Hall that the IFAS machine, which emits high frequency electric current at a low voltage, similar to a car ignition coil, would "kill" the cancer cells and claimed he said that it would only help the body heal itself.
Enter your car type (try an Aston Martin for fun - an ignition coil is pounds 21.
The company has seen expansions with its ignition coil production line; in-line production line (also an ignition coil production line); the construction of its 1703 Downing Drive building; and, just recently, with the addition of its electric power steering production line.
Ignition System: Air gap, high voltage capacitor discharge type hermetically sealed ignition coil and igniter plug
This fuel efficiency increase was obtained through a combination of factors including aerodynamic refinements, upgraded components, such as the fuel pump and ignition coil, tuning changes related to engine sensors and greater regenerative braking efficiency.
In the 1940s and 1950s, the ignition unit consisted of a coil and distributor that delivered the voltage generated by the ignition coil to the ignition plugs.
Known for extensive engineering capabilities, ERA recently developed a patented ionization-sensing ignition coil module that communicates with engine control units to tailor combustion spark duration to specific driving conditions, such as idling, accelerating and decelerating, thus maximizing engine power while minimizing harmful exhaust emissions.
Smart power switch technology can improve such applications as resistive load controls, interior heating and cooling fans, as well as solenoid and ignition coil plus smart switch on plug designs.