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Synonyms for ignition

the process of initiating combustion or catching fire

the act of setting something on fire

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While the costs for ignition interlocks are relatively low, some offenders can't afford to have the devices installed and monitored, even if they are ordered to do so by the court.
It gives us strengthened resources to increase focus on new products within the family of digital ignition systems we are now developing," said Rolf Hasselstrom, CEO of Opcon.
A sufficient proof of necessity of this initiation exothermic reaction is here the historic experience of a fireplace filled with coal which, according to some not quite clear criteria, should strongly tend to self-ignition, and still it would be quite absurd to expect its spontaneous ignition.
1) CPSC-16 CFR Chapter 11, Subchapter D, Ignition of Upholstered Furniture by Small Open Flames and/or Smoldering Cigarettes: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Request for Comments and Information, Federal Register, Vol.
DuPont explains that the MSD ignition tester allows racing crews to check the operation of the ignition control and coil without removing them from the car.
Ignition also announced that in 2001 it increased closed loan volume through Pipeline Tools by more than 100 percent from the previous year, totaling more than $81 billion.
The ignition key carries a special code similar to the credit card Pin system.
About 1,500 residents have an ADS ignition interlock device.
Directed CEO, Bob Struble, said, 'Ignition interlock devices really do save lives, and the growth of the ignition interlock devices market has been driven by the major benefit they provide to society.
Accurately predicting ignition delay of the diesel spray is of interest in all the aforementioned modeling approaches because of its direct impact on the intensity of the heat release immediately following autoignition, as well as its indirect effect on engine noise and pollutant emissions [3].
It is well known that the ignition delay period is governed by complex fuel dependent physical and chemical phenomena, which prepare the injected fuel for combustion [1,2].
com)-- Ignition Creative - a global marketing agency that combines integrated 360 brand-building with an expert understanding of international entertainment audiences - has hired Kate Talbot as Director of Public Relations.
USPRwire, Tue Sep 20 2016] Global and Chinese Ignition Coil Market Report, 2016 makes some important proposals for a new project of Ignition Coil Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
The market report, Global and Chinese Ignition Coil Industry, 2016 Market Research Report, makes some important proposals for a new project of Ignition Coil Industry before evaluating its feasibility.