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a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

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CAAA is now a qualified supplier of the reworked LCRRPR igniters for the Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command.
It turns out that most of the problems are caused by a clogged furnace filter or any of three easy-to-fix parts--the igniter, the flame sensor and the high-limit switch.
For the CAAA team, focusing on the faulty igniters did not limit creativity; instead, it added clarity.
For years, the healing power of gas grill igniters was cloaked in mystery.
Copeland got ammonium nitrate from cool packs bought in drug stores and ordered electrical igniters by mail.
Two models of 20-inch ranges feature sealed burners from 3,000 to more than 9,000 BTUs, electronic igniters and porcelain tops.
The dispenser is part of the effort by Sandia and EG&G to automate the entire fabrication process for actuators and igniters in Miamisburg, eliminating worker exposure to explosion by using small robots for component and powder handling.
Initially, the bed is laid up to the tuyere level, and gas or oil igniters are inserted through ignition ports or tuyeres just above the sand bottom, using care to reach the bed's center.
SpaceDev anticipates that the technology will validate ground test configuration of critical elements of the hybrid motor, such as the injectors, igniters, the motor grain and insulation.
But after a few years, those piezo-style igniters stop working.
In business for 40 years, SDI is most known as the company that makes the igniters for automobile car air bags.
Contract notice: Delivery of explosives for mining khw sa a period of 12 months from the date of the agreement (cpv: 2460000-0 explosives, dynamite 24612100-8, 24615000-8 fuses, caps, igniters and electric detonators).
He added that the cache contained 150 TNT mines, 32 igniters and 10 mortar shells.
4 Replace the igniter control module if none of the igniters spark.
Company officials also are investigating what went wrong when the two operators were loading the compound into the machine that puts it into the igniters used for air bags for the automotive industry.