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a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

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Caption: The electrodes from a standard grill igniter are mounted in the wall of the combustion chamber (above).
CAAA is now a qualified supplier of the reworked LCRRPR igniters for the Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command.
Before doing any cleaning, make sure the aft igniter arms are in the LOAD/UNLOAD positions and the side firing contacts are recessed so they won't be damaged.
From the analyses, the team identified that the problem was not with the entire flare, and that the failure was isolated to the igniter.
XPLODE IGNITER SHOT are designed for a broader mass audience than some of the supplements for which BSN is better known.
Initial data showed the igniter performed as expected.
The combustor assembly includes the independent valves and igniter mounting that actually are not parts of the set.
of Cleveland presented recognition plaques to Saint-Gobain Ceramics Igniter Products to honor the company's "green" efforts to recycle various diverse materials through Ardleigh Minerals.
Inflation Station includes a launcher unit, torch kit, propane cylinder base, igniter, and the Adventures in Lighter-than-Air Flight book.
Quick five-lead stepper motor connections, setup, and installation conditions provide designers a powerful, synchronous running performance in a motion control pulse igniter.
That produces a spark in a barbecue igniter, for instance.
According to OSHA, the blast occurred as two workers attempting to relight a recovery boiler used a continuous flow of fuel oil for several minutes rather than follow the standard procedure of closing an igniter shutoff valve if a flame is not established in 10 seconds.
Another key feature is the auto-ignition with the use of a "glow plug" rather than a piezoelectric igniter.
Apricorn, a manufacturer of notebook storage expansion and data transfer products, has announced the availability of its Dual Igniter 400, a 1394 CardBus card that instantly connects high-speed multimedia peripherals to notebook computers.