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capable of burning

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The internal dispersion of aluminum particles showing ignitable on composite solid propellants.
Many ignitable liquids can be used to start an arson fire, the most common being gasoline, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, paint thinners and solvents, and other less common fuels (4), (5).
A group of working dogs that are extremely adept at their jobs, including a Labrador that can smell ignitable fluids in burned-out buildings.
He can smell ignitable fluids in burnt-out buildings to prove fires were started deliberately.
But this year, conditions are more ignitable than usual.
A national survey of forensic science laboratories conducted in 1998 revealed that an ignitable liquid reference collection and database were the most important needs in the fire debris analysis community (Allen et al.
When cyclopentane is used as the blowing agent, the mold cavity is typically flooded with nitrogen before pouring to eliminate ignitable gases.
The first 13 chapters include presentations of the fundamental principles of ignition sources and the response of ignitable materials to heat or energy in various forms.
Zone 1 locations are areas with ignitable concentrations during normal operating conditions or equipment repair and maintenance.
Often in isolated locations with open boundaries and ignitable hay and straw, they make farms vulnerable to arson.
Some are EPA ignitable hazardous wastes ("D001") if the flash point is below 140 degrees F.
Contract awarded for 42983472-isi marked switch piano type single pole quick make and break with cover made of tough non- ignitable insulating material and bare of tough non - ignitable insulating material or of vitrified ceramic
After an August 2012 EPA inspection, and follow-up investigations, EPA cited the company for RCRA hazardous waste storage violations involving a 150-gallon hazardous waste tank containing waste ethanol, an ignitable substance; a 55-gallon drum containing a hazardous waste substance.
It is recognized that other types of evidence may be encountered at a fire scene; however, the scope of this document is limited to the analysis of ignitable liquids and ignitable liquid residues.