ignis fatuus

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Synonyms for ignis fatuus

Synonyms for ignis fatuus

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

an illusion that misleads

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is an Ignis Fatuus, seen over marshy ground, more commonly known as?
A truly interesting aspect of A Poverty of Reason is Beckerman's rejection of 'Sustainable Development', that ignis fatuus of the late twentieth century.
Not that we can cease to project a conscious being that is specifically ours and necessarily of our historical moment--there is no hope of catching the ignis fatuus of "reading Dante as his contemporaries did," because we are not and can never be his contemporaries--but we can at least learn both what Dante thought and how he thought it, accurately register the differences and similarities between his thinking and ours, and consequently come away from reading the Commedia with both an enhanced respect for the mind that produced it and a deeper understanding of its status as both verbal and intellectual construct.
hoogland's illuminating study, a well-grounded practice of symptomatic lesbian reading will surely be no critical ignis fatuus.
we can see that the extended image of the ignis fatuus has been pruned; but also that if the passage is now tighter, the language is staid and more conventionally moralistic.