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Synonyms for IgG

to refuse to pay attention to (a person); treat with contempt

Synonyms for IgG

one of the five major classes of immunoglobulins

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A toxicity assay was performed to assess growth inhibitory and cytolytic effects of serum and serum IgG on neuroblastoma cells in culture.
The apoptosis intensity of SH-SY5Y cells treated with NBD patients' or healthy individuals' IgG and serum samples was estimated by TUNEL staining as per the manufacturer's protocol (Roche Applied Science, Indianapolis, IN, USA).
No special studies have been performed so far on the role of hidden IgG Abs to tumor-associated antigens in cancer.
Moreover, the SNA-reactive anti-TF IgG Abs demonstrated a higher avidity in cancer [20].
(16) demonstrated that IgG glycoforms can also be monitored along with subclass-specific proteotypic peptides by use of LCMS/MS.
We determined the proteotypic peptides specific for each IgG subclass, total IgG, and horse IgG using the FASTA IgG data published in the UniProt database (www.uniprot.org).
Of the 144 children, 45 (31%) showed IgG serocon version for MCPyV and 39 (27%) for TSPyV.
Of the 45 children who seroconverted for MCPyV, 28 (62%) showed additional markers of primary infection at the time of IgG seroconversion: IgM was present in 15 (33%), and low avidity of IgG was detected in 23 (51%).
Sophisticated biochemical techniques retain an IgG's hinge portion while eliminating its tail.
Recently, an automated technique for detecting specific IgG has become available on the ImmunoCAP system (Sweden Diagnostics).
The fact that colic did not strike all infants who drank breast milk laced with bovine IgG, he says, supports past findings suggesting that not all infants are susceptible to cow proteins.
IgG food allergy testing was also proved effective in the gastrointestinal disorder Crohn's disease.
All IFA-positive samples were also positive in the IgG ELISA (Table).
These comprise microspheres conjugated to known quantities of purified human IgG, ranging from 10 ng/L to 250 mg/L, to construct the calibration curve.
Conclusions: The correlation between the summation of individual IgGSc and separate measurements of total IgG concentrations was good and supports the accuracy of the results.