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Synonyms for idyl

a musical composition that evokes rural life

a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life

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Idyl now packs its organic tomatoes in SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS trays, which are all enriched with tomato plants fibres.
As in the case of the Idyl Is, she had mixed feelings about this collection.
it keeps us on our toes and away from him who would have us remain idyl in our relationship with the Lord.
When the 'Idyl' fever was at its maximum, they would hear of nothing in the way of a husband but a stem, cold, impassible, and dignified person, whose voice was 'hollow and monotonous like a ghost's;' ...
This is the western as the idyl of a Man's World, inarticulate and emotionally numb, where sex is taken care of by saloon girls who can meet men on their own terms and threaten no permanent engagement.
In Emma May Buckingham's little-known 1873 novel, A Self-Made Woman; or, Mary Idyl's Trials and Triumphs, a young girl embarks on a program of self-construction common to legions of nineteenth-century American males and familiar to readers inundated, by late century, with textual examples from the popular self-improvement genre.
(3) One of the first scholars to challenge the Old South plantation myth was Gaines: "The plantation romance remains our chief social idyl of the past," he wrote, a picture that contrasted with the workaday modern life.
Larcom's romanticism--namely, scenes from An Idyl of Work of young women sitting alongside the Merrimack and discussing their own labour as a reflection of divine labour (1875, 173)--was an effort to create a meaningful interpretation of the unrelieved repetition of mill work.
"When the child outgrows the popular idyl of the mother breast and turns to face the world of specialized adult action, it passes, spiritually, into the sphere of the father--who becomes, for his son, the sign of the future task, and for his daughter, of the future husband.
As with the The Sorceress, the audiences for An Idyl came largely by invitation and included the parents and friends of Herkomer Art School students, local residents, and Herkomer's considerable range of friends in London society and the arts.
She might belong to any age, like an idyl of Theocritus" (424).
One piece was Edward MacDowell's "Indian Idyl" from New England Idyls, Op.
Why should so many of the poems of the principal two Southern Fugitives, Allen Tate and John Crowe Ransom, poems with titles such as "Pastoral", "Cold pastoral", "Eclogue of the liberal and the poet", "Idyl", and "Eclogue", show the survival of the old pastoral, a formal genre that died out in the seventeenth century?
To impress the neighbours, Neil suggests including the latest gadget, an iDyl server - a media centre connected to the internet, which stores CDs and plays DVDs.