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Synonyms for idolizer

a lover blind with admiration and devotion


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a person who worships idols

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Reagan could confess to being a fanatic New Dealer and an idolizer of FDR while passing off the former as the result of political inexperience.
Feminists have called for its destruction long ago, and they've been accused by straight marriage's idolizers of doing just that.
This spiritual reflection outlines the characters of 'fans' who want to be close to Jesus without making real sacrifices, then shows how Jesus wants real followers, not idolizers.
The most bigoted idolizers of State authority have not thus far shown a disposition to deny the national judiciary the cognizance of maritime causes.
Although perpetrating their atrocities in the name of religion and/or a nationalistic goal, the only religious description which may suit them is 'the worshippers of Thanatos', the idolizers of Death.
I realize that today, surrounded as we are by idolizers of public opinion polls, this deep clash between the demands of the times and the floating options of the masses might sound a bit weird; and yet, even if nobody has the courage to say it, I still believe Hegel is right.