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Synonyms for idolization

the act of adoring, especially reverently

Synonyms for idolization

the act of admiring strongly

the act of worshiping blindly and to excess


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In natural sciences and engineering, idolization of the West reigns supreme in China.
Teenage lads followed the careers of well-known fliers with the intensity of today's teenage girls' idolization of music and movie stars.
In this set, she plays a man in a suit and explores how men are complicit in creating the femme fatale, but also can experience a similarly unrealistic idolization from women.
The idolization of the self/individual contributes significantly to diminished communal character and declining membership in the churches.
And my previous idolization of that service started to diminish.
Ronen Medzini elaborates on the Chinese people's idolization of the Jewish mind.
Donald Gelpi says, "Money-theism, idolization of capital, expressed as the worship of the gods of the marketplace, is often practiced through the rituals of the stock market and the liturgies of global capitalism.
The late Romanian writer and Communist Party apparatchik Octavian Paler once said, "The statues of Lenin and Stalin are down, but the fight against their ghosts seems harder." In both Russia and the former captive nations in the periphery of the old Soviet Empire, the "fight against their ghosts" continues to get harder as idolization of former communist dictator Joseph Stalin enjoys a newfound revival amid Russia's resurgence and quest for past Soviet glory.
Daesh (ISIS) has not only showed previous incidents of destruction on cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria, but it's explicitly expressed wanting to destroy objects of "idolization or worship."
"Jane's idolization of intellectual work is only a somewhat milder version of the N.I.C.E.'s worship of intellectual power" (108).
Finally, be aware that while Jack's extreme habits, fear of calories, and idolization of the sickly thin Alice will be enlightening to some readers, those who are at risk for eating disorders may find the same content triggering.--Lindy Gerdes.
No hero has ever equaled the idolization that he achieved.
But coming to that assumption may take, in my experience at least, dealing with the book's unabashed, even shameless style of total idolization. Camerado comprises a relentless parade of encomiums unrelieved by any distance from its subject.
2005), observes that within the drag 'balls' of Harlem, the generational shifting of drag occurs at high speed, the transition from idolization of Marilyn Monroe to the idolization of designer-label-drenched 'Dynasty' television diva occurs in a fast-forward rush (Conlon 1995: 7-8).
So ubiquitous, indeed, is this imperative to emancipation that it has found expression in such ostensibly opposed phenomena as the scientistic banalization of love at the hands of the early advocates of birth control and eugenics, and in the cultic idolization of it in the naturalized religions of late Romantics such as the novelists D.