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empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

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Summary: Too often in Lebanon, elaborate government plans remain idle words on paper, and some people fear the new economic vision for the country drafted by global consulting firm McKinsey may meet the same fate.
These are not idle words. The vile regime you worship did and would do exactly that."
Qualifying, Kalopsidiotou says she hopes these are no more than idle words, otherwise "if the chicken hawks actually believe their own rhetoric, I worry they must have forgotten that negotiations are the only way to solve the Cyprus problem and achieve lasting peace on the island."
said Duterte's 'first orders to his Cabinet to cut red tape and to respect the sanctity of contracts show that his pronouncements during the campaign and during the business forum were no idle words, but will be the foundation of a stable relationship with business and foreign investors.'
Those weren't just idle words: Those weren't just idle words: Security patrolled the aisles watching for cameras, and 47 patrons were escorted out, according to according to DCU Center Director of Marketing Amy Peterson.
A lot of officers say their door is always open but for a Supply Corps officer those aren't idle words, they're at the core of our leadership.
"You won't find stained-glass tributes to lost loves or idle words about a better life in his lyrics," writer Nathaniel Orwiler says.
Lashings from the polemic of parliament, a whole cabal of critics calling for, I think the 52nd time, the US Ambassador to be "thrown out" of Bahrain, alas idle words as has been shown by what might be euphemistically termed a lack of "follow-up" by the most vocal critics.
His whole life has prepared him for this moment -- to meet serious challenges in a serious way, without excuses and idle words. After four years of getting the runaround, America needs a turnaround, and the man for the job is Governor Mitt Romney." Rice, the former secretary of State for President George W.
They know that one-quarter of their generation have lost their lives to "choice" They want more than just idle words and rhetoric.
It was also proof that Martin O'Neill's assurance that his team would not let the season fizzle out was not just idle words.
Idle words? Think the founders were interested in idle threats, or phantom threats?
CONTENDER Starspangledbanner WHEN Starspangledbanner blew away his rivals in the Golden Jubilee Stakes last month he showed that all the talk about Johnny Murtagh needing a parachute to ride him - and of a 9.5sec furlong clocked on the Ballydoyle gallops prior to Royal Ascot - amounted to much more than idle words or hype.
Judge Spittle said: "Usually idle words come from the dock, but having read the report, they weren't idle words.
People question my ambition to be the best one-day player in the world but they're not idle words, that's what I want."