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Two ego-maniacs, idiotic fools both of them - and you can expect plenty of the same on fight night, Chisora walking -forward, -hoping that he's going to hit me with one big punch that he hasn't really got," he added.
ON Central Networks said: "It's a foolish and idiotic thing to do, putting lives in danger, not least their own.
Taking a hard line, I would say they're downright idiotic.
There's stupid, and then there's crazy stupid, and then there's this movie, but it does move with a brisk, idiotic efficiency.
This paper recently highlighted the idiotic ramblings of posh art critic Sewell, who believes it's "ludicrous" that Liverpool should be European Capital of Culture in 2008.
That to me says the world's changed, you have to do education differently ( if you don't, you're idiotic," she said.
You will see her stopping, looking stumped, then continuing on, always bugging people for a dollar in a really idiotic and unattractive fashion, So, on my way up the street today at the corner of Sunset, where my bank is, she's standing there muttering and spouting out a storm.
And it is certainly a vast improvement over those idiotic little pamphlets that judge companies according to various ethical criteria and turn shopping into a nightmare.
Approaching this book and reading it is like being attracted from a distance by the gaunt splendour of the Tate Modern, but emerging from it irritated by its labyrinthine, badly-lit galleries in idiotic places, leaving one with the impression of a second-rate power station tarted up by fashionable shopfitters.
Hate-crimes laws are one of the most irrational, idiotic things I have heard of.
The power of demagoguery, the relationship between self-interest and racial bigotry, the idiotic points on which elections turn--all are on glorious display.
I'm sorry but the woman is a sight - idiotic hair, lumpen bosoms and an outfit (the same one worn across 10 pages of the magazine) that looks like it belongs to Swampy.
He began by retracing the squares on sheet after sheet of graph paper, a sort of idiotic labor "without any constraints of time or reason," as he put it, which nonetheless gave rise to a work of compelling beauty and surprising variety.
Idiotic, a winner at Newbury last month, can double his tally this season in the South East Point to Point Supporters Club Hunters' Chase (4.
To watch a West Indian wield a cane knife is to see a centuries-old art," proclaims the narrator of an idiotic public-relations movie made by the Florida Cane League.