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Around one-third of the participants spend more than four hours a day watching TV, while the second group watched television for two to four hours a day and the third group spend less than two hours in front of the idiot box.
Nonetheless, from as early as 1955, parents were referring to the TV set as the "idiot box," and discussing how it was going to rot children's minds.
TV, which is much scorned in Taiwan as an "idiot box," provides further access to knowledge.
Just because TV is sometimes described as an 'idiot box' is no excuse for TV stations to treat their viewers as such.
The not so lucky resorted to watching Ronchi make short work of Zalmi's bowling attack on their television sets - with one crucial difference: The idiot box interrupted the sweet sound of willow on leather to the degree that was almost perverted.
But he is not likely to stop spreading lies and preaching his hateful narratives and conspiracy theories against alleged detractors of the Miltablishment after he returns to the idiot box. Similarly, Rao Anwar will not get his come-uppance even though he may have to suffer a period of rest and recreation from his onerous duties in the service of his patrons.
No, what I meant was that there's very little on telly that really makes me mad - years spent reviewing the idiot box's myriad outpourings having, for better of worse, instilled in me a kind of unflappable detachment.
THE Bhabhiji Wars of the idiot box just got hotter.
So if we want peace with Pakistan, or perhaps whether we should seek peace, we have no business to talk to Pakistan, but must pay court to these worthies of the idiot box. When they want peace, we must seek peace, and when they declare war, we should go into battle without seeking reason, he wrote.
Although trained as a computer engineer, Ameena doesn't like spending much of her free time in front of the mobile screen or the 'idiot box'."I generally socialise on weekends and love water sports to unwind myself.
The idiot box idiots are more interested in attacking Rahul Gandhi for fetching up at the protest by elderly ex-servicemen than the issue.
In doing so, the diminutive daughter of an Upper West Side Jewish family helped pave the way for Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and myriad other shows that conspired to make the so-called "idiot box" far less idiotic.
And it's simplistic -- if perhaps comforting to those once so eager to dismiss the "idiot box'' as a "vast wasteland'' -- to act as if the switch has been from "Green Acres'' to "Orange Is the New Black,'' ignoring all the chromatic gradations in between.
And it's simplistic--if perhaps comforting to those once so eager to dismiss the "idiot box" as a "vast wasteland"--to act as if the switch has been from "Green Acres" to "Orange Is the New Black," ignoring all the chromatic gradations in between.
Every day it was on I was glued to the idiot box, watching Speedy, Polly and Guido.