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Synonyms for idiosyncratic

Synonyms for idiosyncratic

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peculiar to the individual

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Nonetheless, the theory says that total risk consists of two parts, the systematic risk and unsystematic (diversifiable or idiosyncratic) risk.
We document a positive and significant relation between aggregate effective bid-ask spreads and future excess stock market returns only when including aggregate idiosyncratic variance as a control.
above-market returns, she has idiosyncratic vision.
To our knowledge, this is the first study to examine advertising's effects on a firm's [beta]-risk and idiosyncratic risk by using quantile regression.
Krusell, Mukoyama, Sahin and Smith (2009), consider the welfare cost of business cycles in a real economy with idiosyncratic, countercyclical labor risk and capital formation and exogenous labor supply.
In Guero, a typically quirky album full of Beck's idiosyncratic songwriting is remixed by a host of musicians with quirky and idiosyncratic ideas.
The process often relied on a department's web enthusiast typing code and posting individual and often idiosyncratic pages that remained unchanged until the next burst of coding and posting.
2 BARR, BEYOND REINFORCED JEWEL CASE (5RC) The raw, idiosyncratic energy of Barr's (aka Brendan Fowler's) declarative performance style completely won me over.
The court concluded that the "idiosyncratic and inconsistent nature of the inmate's various requests" showed that the requests were not based in sincere religious beliefs.
Professionals and students will regret the almost total lack of site plans, and the very limited, idiosyncratic inclusion of sectional information.
The fraction of short-run fluctuations explained by the news shock increases with the level of idiosyncratic noise and is non-monotonic in the precision of the public signal.
Given that endotoxin potentiated the toxicity of several chemicals noted for their idiosyncratic reactions, these responses may have resulted from low-level, episodic, inflammatory events.
The Pinocchio Intermediate Vocabulary Builder is a study guide to building one's vocabulary, featuring 1,000 intermediate-level vocabulary words such as "reminiscent" and "idiosyncratic" that appear on the PSAT and SAT tests.
It's only the odd lapse of one person, but I prefer to see it as symptomatic of a deeper disorder, that being the idiosyncratic approach to objective criteria, itself the fruit of individualism, where one is compelled to leave one's imprint on the drama at hand, and by some action make the thing peculiarly one's own.