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inflammation of the pericardium

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18) Difficulty in differentiation is most common for diagnosis of idiopathic pericarditis and mesothelioma.
Patients averaged 49 years of age; more than 80% had idiopathic pericarditis with the rest divided nearly equally between cardiac injury syndrome and connective tissue disease.
2) Idiopathic pericarditis generally is not life-threatening and is treated with high doses of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.
Large effusions related to acute idiopathic pericarditis are not usual; nevertheless, this form of pericarditis accounts for a significant percentage of tamponade cases because of its high frequency.
Recommended drug doses and durations for acute idiopathic pericarditis * Drug Dosing Duration Tapering Aspirin 750-1 000 1-2 weeks Decrease by mg tds 250-500 mg every 1-2 weeks Ibuprofen 600 mg tds 1-2 weeks Decrease by 200-400 mg every 1-2 weeks Colchicine <70 kg: 0.
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