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in the Roman calendar: the 15th of March or May or July or October or the 13th of any other month

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For the uninitiated, the middle of March, marks the day when that famous warning 'Beware the Ides of March' was given to Julius Caesar, who chose to ignore the soothsayer.
Reportedly, the publication in the AJT describes the design and results from the company's very first clinical study in sensitised patients, which highlighted the potential of IdeS as a novel treatment to enable lifesaving kidney transplantation.
In addition, follow up data on the first patient transplanted after desensitisation with IdeS was presented demonstrating continuous normalised creatinine levels three years post kidney transplantation.
Test drive IDEs: For IT organizations considering investing in an IDE for their development team, CodeX enables them to see if IDE suits their needs.
However, the command's desires for deployability often meant an acceleration of the IDES resulting in an incomplete disability evaluation.
Historically, the Ides of March were ( not associated with the doom and gloom of conspiracy and betrayal.
We were taught that there were two significant days of religious observance in each month - the Nones on the ninth, and the Ides on the fifteenth.
"The opening of IDES is a milestone in the implementation of FATCA," said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a statement.
Therefore, there are a few efforts in recent years to try to simplify the fabrication process for IDEs. For example, Kim et al.
In light of IDES' expansion, GAO was asked to examine: (1) the extent to which DOD and VA are meeting IDES timeliness and servicemember satisfaction performance goals, and (2) steps the agencies are taking to improve IDES performance.
On average, Soldiers evaluated through IDES received their VA disability benefits more than 50 percent faster than those evaluated through the legacy system in use by the Army since 1949, according to Col.
In their evaluation of the IDES pilot, DOD and VA concluded that, as of February 2010, the pilot had (1) improved servicemember satisfaction relative to the existing "legacy" system and (2) met their established goal of delivering VA benefits to active duty and reserve component servicemembers within 295 and 305 days, respectively, on average.
Overall Ides' plastics database has grown to 83,000 data sheets from 800 global manufacturers.
The Ides were 62-year members of Old Sturbridge Village.
The new release utilises the JetBrains IDE platform, which is also the base for two stand-alone Ruby and Python IDEs that JetBrains plans to release in the coming months.