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an advocate of some ideology

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Like previous ideologues, Upadhyay also felt that the Constitution should embody a Hindu political philosophy befitting an ancient nation like Bharat, that of reducing the Indian national idea to a territory and the people on it was fallacious.
Sison's remarks only highlight his apparent disconnect with their men and women on the ground who seem to have deteriorated from ideologues to plain criminals and extortionists,' he said.
Among those who relinquished charge soon after the change of government was Kedarnath Sahni, a strong BJP ideologue, who was the governor of Sikkim and Goa.
The ideologues have an answer for this too: anecdotes (usually apocryphal) about a young person somewhere who was ready to flunk out of school but now, thanks to a voucher, is going to Harvard or some equally dubious claim.
Such organizations ostensibly pursue human rights related issues and are also adept at using the legal processes of the Indian state to undermine and emasculate enforcement action by security forces," it said and called the ideologues feeding Maoist ideology to urban minds deadlier than even the PLGA.
Ideology may be the occasional trap of us all, but it is the preoccupation of only ideologues, people sometimes known as True Believers (Hoffer 1989).
The 68 pieces here, by such leading Ideologues as Andrieux, de Biran, Cabanis, Danou, Degerando, Garat, Gregoire, Laromiguiere, Say, Sieyes, de Tracy and Volney, both describe the need for a revolution and the authors' responses to what happened, with topics including the method of ideologie, the analysis of the mind, language, political economy, legislation, religion, morality and education.
In a series of breathtaking vignettes, he paints a portrait of life as a shoter--squeezed between Israeli Arab-haters on one side, and anti-Semitic ideologues on the other.
That is perhaps why March of the Penguins was taken up by conservative ideologues when it opened in theatres last summer.
Free market ideologues vigorously maintain that unions diminish educational quality by protecting incompetent teachers.
It's a disturbingly plausible nightmare scenario: In the big-budget studio thriller V for Vendetta, a totalitarian state, driven by fundamentalist Christian ideologues, rises in England under the specter of massive terrorist attacks.
Strategy And Tactics For Democrats To Sweep The Next Elections by Brent Reilly is an informed and informative guide which is a perfect reading choice the liberal and/or democratically inclined candidate for any political office who is going up against entrenched conservative Republican ideologues.
While we must continue to battle against immoral legislation at the legal and political levels, it seems to me equally important that Canadians demand much more open vetting of Supreme Court Justice nominees to prevent dangerous ideologues like Ms.
It doesn't take much of a leap to read this postmortem as a response to a society that counts graphic images of dead bodies among its infotainment staples, sustaining itself through a politics of fear practiced by both ideologues and organized crime bosses.
Her second chapter focuses on immigration officials, tracing their transformation from a motley collection of politically appointed anti-Chinese ideologues acting under the nominal direction of the Customs Service into a career civil service unit of the Bureau of Immigration.