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Synonyms for ideologic

concerned with or suggestive of ideas


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Eine Diagnose, die dann natiirlich auf die nationalsozialistische Ideologic insgesamt tibertragen werden kann.
doua ipoteza, este verificata; electoratul confruntat cu problema somajului se va indrepta "ideologic" cu precadere catre partidul de stanga, PSD, dat fiind discursul ideologic de stanga privind statul asistential si crearea de locuri de munca.
And how, if Mafarka's futurist address is emphatically anti-nostalgic, can we read Mafarka as being structured by the ideologic of mal d'Africa, which is characterized precisely by the nostalgia that drives it?
Y agrega Gorbea, luego de un punto aparte: "Quiza nunca habia vivido Chile un debate mas amplio, mas claro, de mayor densidad ideologic ay de mayor definicion politica".
1981), Pratique rhetorique et ideologic politique dans les discours "optimates" de Ciceron, Mnemosyne Supplementum 68, Leiden.
9) The problems of censorship in Montegon's novel, which may be the background to this radical shift in ideologic perspective, are dealt with in the introduction to Fernando Garcia Lara's edition of the novel.
He had an ideologic commitment to drive through these turbines even if that meant local concerns are ignored.
Dummler, 1988, nor in the Dutchlanguage Geert Bakker, Duitse Geopolitiek, 1919-1945: een imperialistische ideologic, Assen: Van Gorcum, 1967.
Simpson, oversimplified their own positions for ideologic reasons.
In short, SSC is a concept with ideologic, political, and technical hues that is innovating international cooperation for development but whose operation has not fully pulled away from the paradigm of traditional
Psychodynamic psychotherapy has placed an ideologic burden on psychiatrists to keep their private lives private; the work of therapy includes the interpretation of transference, and transference develops best when the patient knows little about the psychiatrist's personal life.
Owing to the plethora of flak and short shrifts, Osundare has received from his critics, Harry Garuba has sought to rationalize Osundare's ideologic befuddlement: "Rather than see a contradiction between the secular vision of Marxism and the metaphysical nature of the animist inheritance, Osundare's poetry provides an example of how both can be deployed creatively.
Davutoglu said that COE secretary general and he decided to form a committee to deal with cultural, social, ideologic and economic picture, tensions and risks of cultural unity, and the committee would held its second meeting in Turkey on January 14.