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Synonyms for identify


identify something or someone with something or someone


  • equate with
  • associate with
  • think of in connection with
  • put in the same category as

identify with someone


  • relate to
  • understand
  • respond to
  • feel for
  • ally with
  • empathize with
  • speak the same language as
  • put yourself in the place or shoes of
  • see through another's eyes
  • be on the same wavelength as

Synonyms for identify

to set off by or as if by a mark indicating ownership or manufacture

to establish the identification of

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to associate or affiliate oneself closely with a person or group

Synonyms for identify

give the name or identifying characteristics of

consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else

conceive of as united or associated

identify as in botany or biology, for example

consider to be equal or the same

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Smith helped pioneer the process of using mtDNA to identify old remains by extracting it from the teeth of a known Civil War soldier.
The company must identify these errors itself or, if the auditor finds them first, be able to prove it would have found them.
Other consequences: Failing to identify a hedging transaction can have other repercussions.
By reframing from "problem" to "strength," the counselor may find that he/she is able to identify clues to making progress.
A load profile can illustrate how energy is used throughout the facility, providing a valuable baseline that can help identify inefficiencies and evaluate improvement efforts.
The utility of the XRF units is believed to lie in the inspection of C&D loads that are difficult to identify visually.
Neither laboratory worker could identify any other possible sources of infection, and because brucellosis is a rare disease in New York, the connection between these three patients is plausible.
For example, because agencies can use data mining for such purposes as to more quickly and effectively identify relationships and similarities between crimes and to forecast future events based on historical behavioral patterns, they can develop investigative leads and effective action plans more rapidly.
If we can successfully combine Oxagen's approach to the understanding of the genetic components of disease in humans, with our ability to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate a phenotypic disease response, we will have a powerful system to help identify and develop novel compounds with wide applicability.
A recent report by the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services found that although nursing homes generally collect an array of information to help them identify problems, many facilities often don't know how to use the data to effect positive change.
By nature, we as humans have a need to identify ourselves and others in broad and exclusionary/inclusionary terms.
struggling to identify mRNAs affected in fragile X syndrome.
For internal audit to create value, all stakeholders must work together to identify and prioritize expectations.
Regulators are getting tough on risk, demanding more accountability from company officers and boards of directors to identify and manage the myriad exposures challenging the bottom line.
Their advantages include non-contact sensing, low cost, high speed, low surface sensitivity (they can identify a material with a rough or smooth surface), and ability to use fiber-optic probes.