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Synonyms for identify


identify something or someone with something or someone


  • equate with
  • associate with
  • think of in connection with
  • put in the same category as

identify with someone


  • relate to
  • understand
  • respond to
  • feel for
  • ally with
  • empathize with
  • speak the same language as
  • put yourself in the place or shoes of
  • see through another's eyes
  • be on the same wavelength as

Synonyms for identify

to set off by or as if by a mark indicating ownership or manufacture

to establish the identification of

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to associate or affiliate oneself closely with a person or group

Synonyms for identify

give the name or identifying characteristics of

consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else

conceive of as united or associated

identify as in botany or biology, for example

consider to be equal or the same

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By using data mining to identify relevant historical patterns, trends, and relationships involving terrorists, they could accomplish this objective more effectively.
If we can successfully combine Oxagen's approach to the understanding of the genetic components of disease in humans, with our ability to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate a phenotypic disease response, we will have a powerful system to help identify and develop novel compounds with wide applicability.
Instead of coding for the objective presence of restraints, the assessor must identify the effect the restraint has on the resident.
But it will give management a clear picture of the risks and returns for each initiative, as well as identify areas of strategic or tactical importance.
However, because we continue to use gender classifications, people who don't identify with such labels are left in a state of confusion, with no language to use in claiming their own identities.
What's more, some firms are working to identify less traditional value drivers for internal audit.
This method is a unique process to systematically identify the strengths and problems of local communities through the use of surveys and public discussions, gathering information and acquiring ideas for improvements from the citizens themselves.
Identify the indicators to be used to measure success.
Stanley (1985) talks of the importance of being able to anticipate issues and of having a systematic approach to "scanning" to identify issues likely to have some impact on the organization (pp.
Bank examiners are also able to determine if financial institutions have in place systems to identify and report to the appropriate law enforcement and supervisory agencies any suspicious activity occurring at or through those institutions.
The advisory committee's role, in addition to the peer review of papers for both meetings, was to identify issues and to select participants for the national think tank and conference.
Two foundries were sampled twice to help identify the extent of sampling error.
These 'beliefs' and 'learning environment' concepts will be clarified through the use of frameworks that identify two types of learning environments and three sets of beliefs about education that various groups of education stakeholders may hold.
For unbalanced straddles, the ability to identify which portion of a taxpayer's "larger" position is subject to the straddle rules should generally result in the quicker realization of losses than under prior law.
In this article we describe the methodologic approaches of the Pew Environmental Health Commission at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health used to identify priority environmental health conditions and develop recommendations to establish a national environmental public health tracking network.