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The researchers reported in the April 2006 Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) that after running an analysis on 30 to 40 messages from any known author, the program could identify subsequent messages by that author with 93 percent accuracy in Chinese, 95 percent in Arabic, and 99 percent in English.
The AFDIL helped identify the remains of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who was assassinated and buried in 1918.
* We can't identify risks based on government (or industry) metrics because our project/process is different.
For example, it may be helpful to identify key individuals on campus who will receive specialized training in assessment and who can then take that training and expertise back to their institutions to assist faculty from various programs in their own assessment efforts.
The company must identify these errors itself or, if the auditor finds them first, be able to prove it would have found them.
Other consequences: Failing to identify a hedging transaction can have other repercussions.
"Our kindergarten assessment program helps us identify gaps and determine how we can begin to fill those gaps in kindergarten.
With a network of meters reporting to one or more energy-management workstations, corporate energy managers have the tools to identify and monitor energy requirements across the entire enterprise.
Or, the use of hand-held X-ray fluorescence units can identify as much as 15 different metals in wood, including chromium, copper, arsenic and zinc (Blassino et al.
This key symposium focused on themes that even today remain of great importance: a) the known interactions between genetic variants, environmental agents, and disease risk; b) the current and emerging technologies to identify and type DNA polymorphisms in the human genome; c) sequence diversity and human population genetics; and d) the available functional tools to analyze DNA polymorphisms.
In response to SOX, many software companies and enterprise resource planning vendors sought to develop software that could document company processes, identify risks, develop test procedures, track the test results and document project status.
Finding bottlenecks and pinpointing the source of performance problems in these complex environments requires management software like the new releases of Compuware Strobe and Compuware iStrobe to help IT organizations identify and diagnose problems."
Predictive modeling helps better identify and segment insurance risks so executives no longer have to manage on instinct or "gut feel." Instead, they can use factual data to assist in making better business decisions.
With previous versions of IDES Prospector, it is possible to identify key properties and search for materials that match those requirements.
"With SAS, We were able to take existing data and identify students on a routine basis, instead of creating a bunch of highly specialized measures and adding significant data collection costs."