identification particle

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a tiny particle of material that can be added to a product to indicate the source of manufacture

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Since its' origination, Microtrace has grown from offering the world's first taggant, Microtaggant Identification Particles, to not only enhancing Microtaggants, but also developing new taggant technologies and capabilities.
Microtaggant Identification Particles for incorporation in bulk materials, such as plastic, or applied to product for diversion tracing
For years the sewn garment industry has expressed great interest in Microtaggant Identification Particles," says Brian Brogger, Vice President of Microtrace, "However, due to the size of the Microtaggant particle, they could not be incorporated into multifilament yarns and applied efficiently.
Identification Particles are a microscopic, traceable, anti-counterfeit technology.
Microtaggant Identification Particles act as virtual fingerprints, resulting in positive, error-free identification every time.
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