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being of the nature of a notion or concept

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Finally, a metafunctional analysis of tags in individual blogs was undertaken by drawing on Halliday & Matthiessen (2014), Martin (1994) and Djonov (2005) to describe textual and ideational meanings.
While portfolios have been extensively used as a means of assessment of academic learning by documenting computational thinking concepts and practices learned (see Chang et al., 2015; Lui, Jayathirtha, Fields, Shaw, & Kafai, 2018), here we examine them as ideational resources for student self-authorship--places where students reflect and position themselves in relation to how they develop disciplinary identities and participate in disciplinary practices in CS.
The book's third part--its most beneficial--reveals how the term hybrid warfare moved into each camp from the ideational to the political realms, thus allowing the concept to gain momentum and the differences between the two approaches to become acute in very public ways.
Appropriation of public sphere by the state, structural inequality and adulteration of deliberative spaces have led to this situation where the ideational, economic and physical divide between individuals is only increasing.
(10) If global health networks influence policy and population health, do they do so largely through ideational power, material power or an amalgam?
The book seeks to answer two main questions: firstly, the extent to which the European model of regional integration has changed the thinking of Indonesian foreign policy stakeholders about regionalism in Southeast Asia; and secondly, the extent to which processes of ideational diffusion have taken place (p.
At 4 weeks after onset, she was transferred to the rehabilitation department and showed severe abulia (decreased spontaneous activity and speech, disinterest, and flattened affect) with other associated symptoms (hypersomnia, severely impaired cognition, poor concentration, global aphasia, dysphonia, dysphasia, quadriparesis, depression, and ideational apraxia), which started after the operation.
Sorokin and his concept of social and cultural dynamics, whose central idea is the change and fluctuations of the three culture systems: ideational, idealistic and sensual ones.
Notably, he elucidates the ideational development of Wilson's understandings of the world that came before and existed around him.
"I say to every woman do not be afraid; we have to give women the space and the chance to break the glass ceiling, and let them implement the power of presence strategy themselves, because this strategy is extremely important for women empowerment." 4-Encourage Women in non-traditional vocations; this will lead to ideational change and normalization of the concept that women can do all the jobs at all levels as equals to men.
It is carried out with the help of critical discourse, Ideational Grammatical Metaphor, and Rhetoric analysis of six editorials published in Dawn during 2015-2016.
Clause complexing is a component of the logical metafunction of language, which in turn belongs to the broader ideational metafunction of language.
Whenever artists like Agnes Arellano, Pandy Aviado, Raul Isidro, Junyee, Ramon Orlina, Impy Pilapil, Jose Tence Ruiz and Ephraim Samson exhibit their works offshore, Filipinism is showcased by reason of their ideational impact and technical excellence.
Soon Sorokin began an exhaustive comparative study of art forms, laws, and ethics to develop a theory of cultural cycles based on two social super-systems, the ideational and sensate, a scheme that he would seek to elucidate throughout his long career.