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I think an effort to have idealogue diversity seems very dangerous," he said.
4) While Enthoven, the managed competition idealogue, seeks to search for competition's roots as far back as the Ross Loos Plan of Los Angeles (1929), the current push in favor of managed competition reflects a confluence of several factors that have nothing in common with the free market(5):
His logic was inescapable to all but the most brainwashed liberal idealogue.
Political idealogue would be a better descrip- tion.
I don't think anyone has ever categorized him as an anti-owner idealogue.
Perhaps the idealogue in her once thought you did that by grabbing the headlines and challenging the status quo.
Because David Dreier is not a fiery, outspoken conservative idealogue, he's easily labeled as conservative, which he's not either.
And the NHS, much loathed by Tory idealogues, showed a devotion to duty that only comes from working for a cherished public service.
In no small measure our glacier-like progress is down to the drag factor of rule by witless idealogues and clueless dogmatists.
It was in the 1930s that Fascists idealogues coined the term "donna-crisi," the crisis-woman, an abject counter-figure against the modern cosmopolitan woman whose very name could be linked to economic hardship and disease and who could be used as a negative model to distinguish between what was "healthy" and what was "unhealthy," or non-Fascist.
All because idealogues like Michael Gove pushed their own personal agendas, using our schools and kids like a social experiment.
Some of them, undoubtedly, are Trotskyists and other varieties of hard left idealogues who want to use Labour to bring revolutionary change to Britain.
Chairman's meeting with the representatives of Labor Unions,old idealogues and Allied Wings havealso been scheduled aimed at meaningful consultations meant to motivating theParty rank and file.
The propagandists, image-makers, and idealogues of technological culture are its magicians, and if they do not lay claim to supernatural powers, it is only because technology itself has become so powerful that they have no need to do so.
He ISIS as a "group of idealogues who murder the innocent" just like the attackers on 9/11.