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The rest can be cut back quite hard, ideally just above an outward facing bud.
June Ince, sales advisor for David Wilson Homes, says: "Sandstone Gardens offers a fantastic selection of properties and is ideally placed for families and professionals alike.
IDEALLY PLACED This sandwich business is located on the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate.
Disc screens and star screens remain as an option, however, as they effectively separate by size (adjustable by the space of gaps between the discs or stars) in a manner that ideally can occur much more quickly than the process of passing through a trommel unit.
Usually, no one has much to say about seals until they no longer ideally fulfill the specified requirements, resulting in costly, image-damaging incidents or recalls, according to the sponsor.
1776 On the Green is the exception--it is ideally suited for small- to midsize users.
Why are CPAs ideally positioned to offer clients financial planning, investment advisory wealth management and insurance services?
Ideally, people wouldn't wear any clothing on the transit system.
Each spot on your lawn or in your beds should be covered by at least two or ideally three sprinklers.
Ideally, the data life cycle management solution should be completely transparent to applications and to users who do not necessarily need to know where their data is stored as long as it is accessible.
The material offered in the various lexias is perhaps ideally read according to Kinney's own hypertextual principles, and, on one level, Kinney seems almost to struggle with the limitations of the scholarly monograph format.
Ideally, during these years we are nourished, protected, and well enfolded as our bodies and minds grow in preparation for the rest of our lives.
It needs German shepherds, ideally aged between 12 and 18 months, to train as police dogs.
Ideally, Customs would like to know the complete history of the shipment and security ratings for all the firms that touched the shipment.
Monro suggest some students may be more interested in different areas such as water-based or forestry-based resources and ideally, the institutions would guide the components to suit the degree.