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Synonyms for idealism

Synonyms for idealism

(philosophy) the philosophical theory that ideas are the only reality

impracticality by virtue of thinking of things in their ideal form rather than as they really are

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IT WAS idealism pitted against reality and the debate had generous doses of spirituality and logic, precision and speculation, passion and practicality -- making it a comprehensive representation of the dilemmas that India's young minds face.
This was naturally a disaster for communists and socialists, but also for social democrats, for they had lost an ideological basis for their idealism.
The poll finds that most Americans, 58%, agree that the Obama administration is creating new idealism in the country; 39% do not believe this is happening.
They are divided into three sections on the idealism that calls many to the profession, the reckoning between that idealism and reality, and stories of leaving nursing for other lifestyles.
More succinctly put, how does it feel be an African female educated through the lens of Western idealism and Christian sensibility?
Though this latest project finds him on familiar territory programmatically, it transplants the cool-headed, social idealism of Scandinavia to the very different culture, context and climate of Amman.
In that time their indestructible idealism, tucked inside their signature folk-pop, has rejuvenated progressive, gay, and female audiophiles seeking refuge from a socially and politically alienating culture.
He belittled the idealism evidenced in extreme pacifism and remarked that Jesus did not face the same questions of war that modernity endured.
Guiding readers through Luther's influence and timely contributions to the Christian church, Biography and author Professor Waibel deftly delves into the remarkable persistence, substantial successes, ideas and idealism of Martin Luther's challenges to Roman Catholic excesses.
Abbot manages to gut programs he, with a small measure of idealism, wishes to champion, such as the Health Service and schools for special-needs students.
It's the sort of grunge idealism of people who might have been bike messengers one day, or maybe still are, somehow both cynical and naive.
In the first half of the twentieth century American theological liberalism was defined and powered by three schools of thought--evangelical liberalism, personalist idealism, and naturalistic empiricism--that remained vital in the 1950s.
In his rich description of the ways that students talk and interact, of their empty values and their lack of idealism, Wolfe serves up an ugly but engrossing depiction of "academic" life in which academics play an insignificant part.
Today, Peterson's operation is a model of success in organic and community-supported agriculture, but getting there has been a long, strange journey, from painful deaths in the family to hippie idealism, and from crushing debts to a mysterious fire and public backlash.
More recent works of public art documented or realized at or near the Queens Museum participate in the genre's recent trend toward blending radical idealism and aesthetics with the concerns of other disciplines and communities.