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a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

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In accordance with these studies mean time from ictus to craniotomy in our series was 12 hours.
Long-term outcome after an early invasive versus selective invasive treatment strategy in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome and elevated cardiac troponin T (the ICTUS trial): A follow-up study.
ictus y (3) reportamos como dominantes a dos ortopteros del suborden Caelifera: S.
The ICTUS study has been previously described elsewhere (Reynish et al., 2007; Canevelli et al., 2013).
Recent concerts and tributes include 86-year-old Randy Weston's "An African Nubian Suite," with many guests including poet Jayne Cortez and 91-year-old Candido; Han Bennink's 70th birthday celebration; two weeks of Italian drummer Andrea Centazzo's Ictus label; a Tonic reunion at (Le) Poisson Rouge; and a celebration of 83-year-old Cecil Taylor including rare film footage, a solo gig, and an homage by Vijay Iyer, Craig Taborn, and Amina Claudine Myers.
Interictal psychosis of epilepsy (IPE) is schizophrenia-like psychosis associated with epilepsy that cannot be directly linked to an ictus. IPE often is indistinguishable from primary schizophrenia.
McKenzie's third announcement concerns the work of another British composer James Dillon and, The Passion of the Master, a work commissioned from him by BBC Radio 3, Transit Festival and Ictus.
Tambien incrementan el riesgo de ictus y de descompensacion e insuficiencia cardiaca.
The boffins further drew attention to one of Van Gogh's sketches of an ear, with the word "ictus", the Latin word meaning a hit in fencing, and suggested the zigzags above the ear were Gauguin's Zoro-like sword-stroke.