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the branch of art history that studies visual images and their symbolic meaning (especially in social or political terms)

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Their topics include what a multimodal critical discourse analysis is, three-dimensional social semiotics, iconography and iconology, women on war monuments, and changing discourses of war.
It is at this precise point of his hypothesis that Panofsky forcefully reintroduces "the rather discredited term synthetic intuition," a term that basically aims at something like a transcendental synthesis: iconology, in effect, requires "a method of interpretation which arises as a synthesis rather than as an analysis," and is premised on "the correct analysis of images, stories, and allegories (121).
On WingX Pro, the output appears as a basic PFD gyro with the standard blue-brown iconology, pitch and bank angle indicators and, along the top edge of the screen, GPS groundspeed, altitude and AHRS heading reference.
Ao traduzir para o ingles seus ensaios em uma colecao chamada Studies in Iconology, publicada em 1932, Panofsky foi, talvez, o principal divulgador do trabalho de Warburg e seus textos vem sendo frequentemente apropriado por geografos e cartografos preocupados em estabelecer relacoes entre imagem e significado (i.
We see how Jesus blesses Mary who is surrounded by rays of light that remind us of the nimbus of the traditional attributive iconology of cult images before the Reformation.
However, we realised that in some cases the advertisements may have been misleading to consumers when Spar 'own label products' were associated with the Proudly Namibian iconology.
Panofsky's later, more popular text, Studies in Iconology (1939), does discuss Saturn and Ficino, but not in adequate depth.
In his book Film Language, Christian Metz introduces the concept of iconology to help understand symbolic significations, which also helps to analyze the usage of noise in cinema.
The media theory of the American theorist Mitchell has been challenging since the publication of Iconology.
The term vaginal iconology was used by the American art critic Barbara Rose in 1974 and by Lisa Tickner in 1978 to define an expanded category that included both central core imagery, which was abstract and symbolic, and work with specific references to female sexual anatomy.
But the advent of Protestantism had a profound effect on the bird's iconographical import: because of the association with the papacy, reformers took advantage of the links between Catholic luxury and parrots to create an iconology of "intellectual vacuousness," which they used to satirical effect (90).
As a young man steeped in literature, political history, philosophy, iconology and art history, by the time he held his first solo show at Marlborough Fine Art in February 1963 at the age of 30 Kitaj had already forged a complex and personal form of painting that was intellectually ambitious but subjective and emotive, conceptually coherent yet stylistically diverse.
For Panofsky, iconography was concerned "with the subject matter or meaning of works of art, as opposed to their form" (Studies in Iconology Ireprt.
The Spanish iconographic wealth, embodied in archaeological objects, miniatures, paintings and sculptures from all periods of history, makes the inclusion of section seven, dedicated to iconography / iconology, essential.