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the worship of sacred images

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When addressing the Black Mountains' restorative powers, Davis appears to appropriate the very discourse she denounces; however, her representation dearly departs from the transcendentalist iconolatry and medical proscriptions commodifying the environment.
Repudiating transcendentalist iconolatry as an imperialistic enterprise, Davis returns to its roots m the nature/culture divide, illustrating that nature is not a civilizing construct, nor is it a "savage" unknown to be "tamed" (Emerson, "American Scholar" 63).
Davis's disclosure is not meant to provide "consumptive pleasure" for readers, as Ann Douglas contends of domestic fiction (200), but certainly to contest the very iconolatry of "consumable otherness," to use Brodhead's term, predicating classic representations of regional literature.
138), becomes articulated under the vision of a matriarchy revolving around the Christian Marian iconolatry.
The iconolatry surrounding Karen Kain, promoted by the National Ballet and generated by the media, is doubly established by Kudelka's work.
40) In an odd concluding passage, Posner substitutes iconolatry for argument:
Some of the magic implicit in iconolatry remains a suppressed factor in what one might call the aesthetic unconscious today, and at the very least the book will keep you from hastening past these unprepossessing images on your way to view the likelier masterpieces in the museum - and since these are mainly pictures of Christ and the Virgin, the book could hardly be more seasonal.
It takes the lightest breath across time's dust to reveal the achievements that followed: revision of values, nonconformity, iconolatry, oneiric climate, automatic writing, critique paranoiac, magic, and surrealism.