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the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject

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Author Erwin Panofsky started by giving his readers an understanding of iconography which is concerned with the study of subject matter or meaning or massages of art work as opposed to their form.
It was a chance event, though, that brought Czarnecki into iconography proper: his father, a parish council member, volunteered him to paint a copy of the famous icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa.
Reuben Sanchez's Typology and Iconography in Donne, Herbert, and Milton starts with an ambitious goal: to demonstrate how the figure of Jeremiah acts both as a type and icon for the authors in the book's title.
According to the artist "visitors will have the opportunity to see a different art of iconography, a personal technique that I have developed with no training".
The main theme of the volume is the different means employed by royalty, aristocracy, the clergy, and the commercial elite to create a 'common voice' or iconography of ceremony among the elite of society in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and early seventeenth centuries.
This is an excellent and interesting book that I hope will be read by anyone who is interested in iconography, and more broadly, anyone who is interested in the interaction of liturgy, aesthetics and theology.
He includes remarks on ushebti iconography and related burial practices in Asyut from the New Kingdom to the Ptolemaic Period.
Iconography has wrapped everything from Smart Cars and 53' Trailers to Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, giving each vehicle its own unique calling card.
Although there are now a number of useful reference works for the writing system, Maya iconography has not been treated comprehensively.
CFP: Images of Music Making and Cultural Exchange between the East and the West: Eleventh conference of the ICTM Study Group on Iconography of the Performing Arts
The Iconography of Islamic Art: Studies in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand.
On the initiative of a member of the Commission Mixte, it was considered to establish a pedagogical committee, mostly dealing with pedagogical initiatives regarding cataloguing and research in music iconography.
The tribe Eupariini of New World (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae); iconography II.
As the first retrospective here since the New York Cultural Center's 1974-75 survey, the recent show at the Jewish Museum afforded a new generation an overview of this multifaceted figure whose significance has been well charted in terms of his experimental photography and legendary portraits of the literati and intelligentsia of his time, but not understood in terms of his personal iconography.
Music in Art - International journal for Music Iconography (ISSN 1522-7464), published by the City University of New York, Research Center for Music Iconography, indexed from 2008.