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the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject

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Visually and iconographically, however, it's clear that "Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return" is leaning heavily on the 1939 Victor Fleming-directed original.
However, the image of the goldfinch at the end of a string held by the Christ Child is also iconographically significant, and could be credited to father or son's invenzione.
This exhibition," explained the show's curator Virginia Brilliant, "sheds light on Veronese as a masterful, deeply empathetic storyteller and narrative painter whose works were often iconographically complex and invested with rich layers of meaning .
In this way, Dante helped me gain the ability to see the world iconographically, as a window into the divine.
Iconographically, this type of Buddha image represents the Buddha in the attitude of 'walking back and forth in meditation'.
Iconographically, tactility implies a deeper form of acquaintance, as testified to by the worn right toe of Arnolfo di Cambio's Statue of St Peter (c.
Moro's photo in front of the BR logo (19 March 1978) was circulated in Italian newspapers, iconographically representing an already doomed man.
which forms the hieroglyph "mw," hut must also stand iconographically for "Stormgod" and "powerful," is a zebu, and not the Stormgod's usual wild bull.
The Orthodox tradition of marriage involves, to use Florensky's terms, an A = not-A identity with the archetypal other of the first chapter in Genesis, embodied iconographically in the fallen yet redeemable biological other in our participation in the Church and in intergenerational kenosis involving either biological or spiritual children in the Church's framework ("multiplying and replenishing the earth").
It went to the very heart of the creative process, to how characters in Chinese [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (contemporary costume drama) were designed both narratively and iconographically.
A theologically complex and iconographically original artist, this Flemish master has been identified by such diverse twentieth-century scholars as Moshe Barasch, Ruth Mellinkoff, Erwin Panofsky, and Leo Steinberg, all of whom were intrigued by the iconography of the human body, as the "arch creator of archetypes.
For example, towards the end of the 1990s he created a series of 60 vases identical in dimension, extraordinarily refined, each one boasting a different iconographically inspired representation (objects from the world of nature; animals, shells, stylised fossils).
Allow me to describe it to you--though I could not do so from memory, for it is so artistically disjointed and iconographically illiterate that it is impossible to hold it in the mind.
2) I further suggest that cassone narratives both diverge from written sources and converge iconographically to an extent sufficient to warrant their being read as independent entities in the Nachleben of the Aeneid.
Chapter 23 of the Lotus Sutra also explains that "He Whom All Beings Delight to See" was once a disciple of the Buddha "Pure and Bright Virtue of the Sun and Moon," an early scriptural justification for iconographically grouping Yakushi with Nikko and Gakko.