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In doing so, Carnes is clear that she is not talking about 'iconoclasm' in the familiar and essentially Byzantine sense, but in a wider sense of image breaking which draws on a greater 'spectrum of cultural associations' (p.9).
POLITICAL ICONOCLASM In the short term, Adityanath's move seems to have backfired, as social media is flooded with memes ridiculing the chief minister's petulance in renaming places to make them sound more Hindu.
This seems to be an era of iconoclasm and iconoclasts in both the senses of image-breakers and radicals.
The existence of a militant, intentional iconoclasm in the Zoroastrianism of the Sasanian period was postulated by Mary Boyce in a groundbreaking article published in 1975, (4) and has since been accepted almost without reservations by both Iranists and the wider scholarly community.
Kristine Korlud y Marina Prusac: Iconoclasm from Antiquity to Modernity.
While iconoclasm is well documented in the West, most notably among Byzantines and Protestants, very little work has been done in surveying, much less analyzing, iconoclastic acts throughout East Asia.
Inventing Byzantine Iconoclasm. By Leslie Brubaker.
But, it was after all not the image as such but its veneration that brought up the long conflict of iconoclasm and divided Byzantine society.
Sadly, Adoration of the Golden Calf is missing from "rate Britain's survey of iconoclasm. Perhaps the curators felt that poor Poussin had suffered enough, and worried their show would spark its own spate of destruction.
The topics include theurgy and aesthetics in Dionysios the Areopagite, Proklos and Plethon on beauty, Agathias and the icon of the Archangel Michael, transcendent exemplarism and immanent realism in the philosophical work of John of Damaskos, and the historical memory of Byzantine iconoclasm in the 14th century as illustrated by Nikephoros Gregoras and Philotheos Kokkinos.
While his study of iconoclasm vacillates, he also promises an opportunity for the reader to "learn to think a bit more iconoclastically by understanding how the three key brain circuits work." (6) Here he succeeds.
Breaking with historicist accounts of early modern images in terms of political and religious iconophobia and iconoclasm, James Knapp offers a fascinating and original study of early modern "visuality"--encompassing a range of experiences including ekphrasis and images in the mind's eye--and the ethical questions it provoked.
"Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine," she sings as this still breathtaking review of organised religion carries us onwards like a train, her iconoclasm as vital as ever.
Secularization, which intensified during the French Revolution, led to the formation of a new sacral center of power--the birth of the "modern personality cult." (3) It also promoted the transfer of premodern rituals of violence to the sphere of the political and transformed the gestures of religious iconoclasm, turning them into a way to carry out political struggle.
The rawness, the energy, the iconoclasm and, yes, the metaphorical 'nakedness' that characterised the 1970s musical phenomenon known as punk return vividly to life in Kevin Brooks' new novel.