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Synonyms for icky

Synonyms for icky

soft and sticky


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Long story short: Icky's guilty plea resulted in a sentence of no more than a year in jail, half of it would be suspended based on good behavior.
"The younger children were entranced by Simon Murray's gentle manner and enthusiasm for art and drawing, and he inspired some amazing drawings of his character Icky Doo Dah.
The "icky books" are the top performers in my collection.
On the other hand, jamming your feet into cold, clammy boots is just icky. The Boot Buddy, a heated rubber mat, is the answer for warm and dry boots.
Wanted: someone who takes pleasure in sensations other people find icky, to get some of those others to notice them as pleasurable, too.
Veteran children's author David Harrison creates a collection of poems that speak to the topics children hold dear: icky boys (or girls), stinky socks, the genius in class, disgusting lunches, telling (or keeping) secrets, the anticipation of hitting baseball, and every minute of the school day.
For kids, an assortment of crawling, hopping, and flying insects are labeled "Icky Bugs," with the first word spelled out in grass-like letters and the second beneath it looking as if it is made from dirt.
(The slightly icky title of this CD, in fact, is a translation of the name of the sixth song.)
My dad lives there with his new wife, Marguerite, and they have puppies and the new SEGA Dreamcast, and it's a lot better than here because when I'm with my dad I don't have to go to day care, which is icky because the other kids are dumb-asses and don't even know how to speak French.
I'm the killer of all things icky and moving: bugs, spiders, drippy noses, and anything that's generally perceived as too gross for the female staff to deal with.
Sound icky? Hemoglobin is almost chemically identical among all mammals, so that's no problem.
Aside from preadolescent males (who find them icky in the extreme), I suspect that nearly everyone else on the planet has a soft spot in his or her heart for a good love story.
* "Icky" Eric Schleien, the GOP state rep who was arrested after a teenage girl alleged he sucked on her fingers and groped her inner thigh at a 2017 meetup, still hasn't stepped down even after a judge rejected a plea deal and despite calls from members of his own party to get the hell out.
For mains, I chose the Fish Finger Burger with skinny fries (PS8.95) and my partner went for the Sticky Icky burger (featuring two burgers, Camembert, mushrooms, bacon, mustard and cola onions) for PS9.50.