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ichthyosaurs of the Jurassic

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For comparison, the embryo of an Ichthyosaurus somersetensis that was recently studied was only about 2.5 inches long.
The Shipston ichthyosaurus - the largest ever found in the UK and maybe the world - is now on display at Birmingham Science Museum.
The animal, a primitive relative of the dolphinlike reptile Ichthyosaurus, may have paddled flexible flippers over sand and used its heavy bones to stand up to waves crashing on shore.
Many fossilised prehistoric animals have been found on the cliffs around Whitby including the 180-million-year-old Ichthyosaurus Crassimanus, which is seven metres long, found in the cliffs near Hawsker and displayed on the wall of Whitby Museum in Pannett Park.
(44) This revelation forced recognition of the possibility that if such mighty creatures as the megalasaurus, iguanodon, and ichthyosaurus (all discovered in the nineteenth century) had become extinct, so too could humanity.
La otra familia con exito fue la Ictiosauridx--<<lagartos pez>>--, que aparecieron desde el Triasico tardio hasta el Cretacico temprano y tenian variedad de tamanos, desde el Mixosaurus--como del tamano de un bacalao--hasta el Shinisaurus--!que era mas grande que el Tyrannosaurus rex!--, pero el mas conocido fue el Ichthyosaurus, que tenia unos ojos enormes como los de las aves para cazar.
There are now more than 1,000 people claiming to have witnessed the beast which is reported to measure around fifteen meters long with spikes on its back and appears similar to a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaurus. Following these reports, the Turkish government sent an official scientific survey group to the lake who failed to spot the creature.
382) remarked with his trademark insight and restraint on the uncanny resemblance of Eosaurus to the Mesozoic marine reptile Ichthyosaurus. Legend has it that Marsh's fossil actually was purchased from a fellow seafarer who convinced O.C.
Although there is evidence that gentleman collectors had been aware of the presence of "crocodiles" being found by fossil hunters such as the Annings since at least 1810, Mary's celebrity hinges on a somewhat oversimplified story that she discovered the first complete skeleton of an ichthyosaurus, as the so-called "crocodile" was officially named in 1817.
We enjoyed lunch and a spot of fossil-hunting on the beach where amateur palaeontologist Mary Anning discovered a complete ichthyosaurus in 1828.
Since 1812, when a twelve-year-old girl named Mary Anning found a seventeen-foot-long Ichthyosaurus fossil along the cliffs of Dorset, humankind has been forced to come to terms with the upsetting evidence that many hundreds of thousands of startling and, sometimes, frightening genera came before it.
These include Mary Anning (who discovered the first fossilised plesiosaur and ichthyosaurus), William Buckland (discoverer of megalosaurus, the first meat-eating dinosaur discovered and also the first to be described scientifically) and Richard Owen (who coined the term `dinosaur' from the Greek for `terrible lizard').