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any of several marine reptiles of the Mesozoic having a body like a porpoise with dorsal and tail fins and paddle-shaped limbs

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They did that work by analyzing the other tiny fossils that were also preserved in the rock with the ichthyosaur.
Scientists now have more information on ichthyosaurs since it was first put together.
The creature, named Dearcmhara shawcrossi, is a member of a group called ichthyosaurs that were among the dominant marine reptiles when dinosaurs ruled the land.
Palaeontologist Cindy Howells, collections manager in the Department of Geology at National Museum Wales, described the ichthyosaur as a "potentially very, very important find" given it was complete.
Mary is known to have uncovered the world's first skeleton of an Ichthyosaur at the age of twelve near her home in Lyme Regis Dorset.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The findings of a new study revealed that an ichthyosaur fossil may show the earliest live birth from an ancient Mesozoic marine reptile.
Though the idea of extinction is made explicit here, three aspects of this theme and the ichthyosaur scene have not been fully explained by commentators.
Something for most interests, then, from fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast with a man who found half an ichthyosaur after a cliff fall (and keeps it in his kitchen), to tracking dinosaur footprints on the Isle of Skye.
By using the University of Bristol's CT and FEA methods on skulls preserved in that once soupy mix, Moon hopes to discover the feeding mechanics of the ichthyosaur.
The daydream chapters, by contrast, have names like Ichthyosaur and Manatee, extraordinary creatures buried underground or hidden at sunken depths.
While ichthyosaur fossils had been found in Wales as far back as the end of the seventeenth century and had also been excavated in Germany, the find in Nevada in 1928 was the greatest discovery of such fossils yet.
How about the ancient ichthyosaur or the plesiosaur?
An ichthyosaur was no less an ordered system than a modern crocodile.
Chapter Two is about the scientist and tools they used to study the belemnites eaten by the giant ichthyosaur.