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a zoologist who studies fishes

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CSIRO ichthyologist John Pogonoski described the trip as "frontier science" which was vital for increasing scientists' understanding of the deep-sea environment.
Randall for being with other great ichthyologists and taxonomists on the board of directors all these years and for their support and trust in aqua.
Eugene Willis Gudger (1866-1956) was the first American ichthyologist that can be considered a true naturalist and the first to study the biology of elasmobranchs.
However, Florida State University ichthyologist Dean Grubbs says this sea monster is simply a shark.
Neil is an ichthyologist, which isn't spelled at all the way it sounds.
Pethiyagoda, an ichthyologist and internationally acclaimed conservationist, said extensive studies in India and Sri Lanka showed that the level of diversity among such fish was "much greater than previously suspected".
They decided to replace the salmon model in the Alaskan brown bear diorama after consulting a museum ichthyologist, who determined that the fish needed to be recolored to an accurate shade based on the season represented.
Courtenay-Latimer, a curator at a natural history museum in East London, South Africa, sent a sketch to an amateur ichthyologist who later confirmed that the fish was indeed special--a coelacanth, a member of a group known only from fossil evidence and thought to be extinct for millions of years.
In addition to expelling the roach, I half expected her to burp up a car licence plate or a tyre like that scene in Jaws where Richard Dreyfuss' ichthyologist opens a Great White on the dockside.
According to a University of Alberta ichthyologist, the fish's protuberant "second jaw" was a result of the normal process of the fish's bony tongue pushing through its decomposing lower mandible (p.
As human populations increase and more people enjoy recreation in sharks' habitats, the number of shark-on-human attacks is likely to continue to increase, says University of Florida ichthyologist George Burgess.
And in 2001, University of Southern Mississippi ichthyologist Stephen T.
The presiding figure is David Starr Jordan, a well-known ichthyologist and eugenicist, founder of Stanford University, and indefatigable educator of American biology, whose work and thought Thurtle weaves throughout the book as "a type of structural refrain" (20).