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pick consisting of a steel rod with a sharp point


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He would then jiggle the icepick around in a most unscientific manner.
In this system, three types of scars are described: icepick, which are narrow, punctiform, deep scars (0.
1 Recently acne scars have been classified into three types: icepick, rolling, and boxcar.
Some of the items he wanted for escape bid Fishing hat Spectacles Pair of goggles Smoking pipe Black leather gloves English-German dictionary 25ft rope Wads of cash Icepick Hacksaw Pin-striped suit
The retired New York City firefighter was busted in September 2010 for allegedly packing an icepick and an illegal knife while waving posters outside Madonna's Upper West Side apartment, Fox News reported.
Ramon Mercader was a KGB-hired Spanish communist, who was sent to kill Leon Trotsky with an icepick in Mexico in 1940.
Her sharp tongue and icepick eyes were the only comfort he could bring to mind" (525).
He was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 by a Russian agent who buried an icepick in his skull.
Famously, the instrument that finally put paid to Trotsky, though not Trotskyism, was an icepick wielded by Ramon Mercader, the son of a prominent Catalan communist turned Soviet assassin.
Reynolds came right back with his trademark style by throwing two barspins into his 360 down a stair set and then his signature trick, a trucked, no-hander icepick (a grind on the back peg only).
Beat her until she stuck an icepick into his brain stem.
If you have a right-handed liner-lock folder that carries the knife tip up for a right-hander, it works perfectly for a southpaw if he carries it in his left front trouser pocket and draws to a reverse, or icepick, position.
An awesome alien bounty hunter with a weapon that can only be described as an Intergalactic icepick.
Sexpot Sharon Stone was unknown until she sharpened her icepick and showed more than her claws in Basic Instinct.
However, an unexpected subsequent fade-in reveals the camera still tracking under the bed, finally discovering the ominous icepick.