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Synonyms for iceman

someone who cuts and delivers ice

a professional killer

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Not only is this mega superhero coming to terms with his sexuality around his late-20s, early-30s, but there is also [now] a high-school age version of himself living in this timeline [and that teenage] time-displaced version of Iceman already has a boyfriend and is completely comfortable in his skin.
The copper blade, which was discovered in Zug-Riedmatt village in the Alps, is said to match the ax that the iceman was carrying when he died.
The Iceman Cometh' debuted on Broadway in 1946, running 136 performances.
Oetzi the Iceman had a stomach bug, researchers say
With more suspense than you could shake a loaded gun at, gangland thriller The Iceman proved a hit at the Venice Film Festival.
The company further says that additional features of the LT chillers are the cylinder unloading/hot gas bypass feature used for capacity control, and a microprocessor-based digital controller that is specifically programmed for chiller applications, and adds: "The Iceman LT Series utilizes R-507 refrigerant that provides customers with an environmentally friendly option to replace CFCs and HCFCs.
Two years ago, researchers thawed the Iceman out and gave him a proper autopsy.
Mokon's line of Iceman portable chillers has been expanded to deliver low temperature process fluids on models up to 10 tonnes with both air and water-cooled condensing.
Other notable IceMan FLX features include a rotating module for easy draw-length adjustments, quiet InVelvet finish, stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert and a String Stop.
2 -- color) Kids can touch the frozen hands of the Iceman in an area that covers the states of matter and cryogenics, and the study of the effects of low temperatures.
The Jim Bolger-trained Democratic Deficit (12-1) scrambled home by a head from the unlucky Rob Roy, with Kandidate and Iceman only inches further behind.
Iceman will be very hard to beat in this afternoon's Group One Shadwell Stud Middle Park Stakes - if he gets the go-ahead to run from John Gosden, writes Stable Boy.
The victory of the well-supported Iceman (5-1) in the opening Coventry Stakes proved to be something of a false dawn.
Monroe Hutchens Wesley Snipes Iceman Chambers Ving Rhames Mendy Ripstein Peter Falk A.