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a house for storing ice

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He added: "Other than the Icehouse support tour, the only other time I worked with him was his penultimate live performance which was with David GiImour at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006.
"The ICEhouse is a unique example of our belief in innovative circular economy thinking," said Ernesto Occhiello, Executive Vice President, Specialities, for SABIC..
The integration works as an add-on with Icehouse and Juno releases.
Located in Kilcullen, Co Kildare, it was formerly a key estate of the Eustace family and comes with a major stud farm and cattle breeding facilities as well as a restored medieval church and an icehouse.
Open source solutions firm Red Hat, Inc yesterday launched updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5, the latest version of its enterprise-ready OpenStack platform built with the latest Icehouse community release.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 is based on the OpenStack Icehouse release and includes several new features aimed at easing enterprise adoption of OpenStack technology in the existing datacenter and enhancing capabilities to make it a more reliable and dependable cloud platform, including:
Rolling upgrades, federated identity and tighter platform integration reflect software maturity; continuous integration process drives software reliability The ninth release of OpenStack, code-named Icehouse, has been released with new features reflecting a community-wide effort to bring the voice of the user into the rapidly maturing open source cloud software platform.
The move affects the Miller High Life, Icehouse, Keystone Ice, Magnum Malt Liquor, Mickey's Malt Liquor, Mickey's Ice, Milwaukee's Best, Milwaukee's Best Ice, Olde English 800, Olde English HG800, Red Dog, Steel Reserve High Gravity and Steel Reserve Triple Export brands.
A show opening this month at the IceHouse on 10th Street aims to rectify that situation somewhat, capturing the paintings and personality of this "lost" Abstract Expressionist with Sarasota ties.
Anna Alicia Brock and Bradley George Boxberger exchanged vows at five o'clock in the evening on January 12, 2013, in the open-air cathedral room of the historic Icehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.
The findings indicate that ice sheets first grew on the West Antarctic subcontinent at the start of a global transition from warm greenhouse conditions to a cool icehouse climate 34 million years ago.
When I was a boy back on the farm 80 or 90 years ago, one of the rites of high summer was getting a block of ice from the icehouse and bringing it into the kitchen icebox, where my mother kept the milk, cheese, eggs and other items.
Original buildings and features will be restored like the icehouse and the kitchen garden with an innovative volunteer programme to develop training and skills and raise the profile of the park to increase its visitor numbers.
The Oligocene and Miocene comprise the most important phases in the long-term, step-wise global cooling that over the course of the Cenozoic, transformed Greenhouse Earth into Icehouse Earth.