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a mass of ice and snow that permanently covers a large area of land (e


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Antarctica's icecap holds over 7 million cubic miles of ice--90 percent of the world's ice and 68 percent of the world's freshwater.
Two people died aboard HMS Tireless under the Arctic icecap
Sean aims to become the first paraplegic to cross the vast, uninhabited icecap.
A series of trainers have tried to find the key to Icecap, whose career record of one win from 23 starts indicates just how little success they have had in unlocking the talent she hinted at as a two-year-old.
And she did not even realise she had made history until she returned home and found out no other Irish woman had ever stood on the icecap.
Although the eruption is small in relative terms, the location, close to a very busy airspace, and the fact it is beneath an icecap, have produced a great deal of ash.
His travels have included spending seven months in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey, a winter in Spitzbergen surveying 350km of untracked mountains and glaciers, and a 400-mile unsupported sled traverse of the Greenland icecap.
The Greenland icecap will melt during the next three centuries, flooding coastal regions, if one of eight crucial tipping points, identified by a group of scientists, is passed.
The men died in the accident yesterday aboard the nuclear submarine HMS Tireless during a joint Anglo-American operation beneath the Arctic icecap.
The Northern Patagonian icecap is flowing westwards at 17 metres a day, cutting through rainforests and ending up spectacularly in the Laguna San Rafael from a 70-metre vertical ice cliff.
Icecap threw down a bold challenge under Alan Daly in the home straight but, despite being eased close home, the John Spearing-trained winner had enough in hand to score by half a length.
The Pole itself is at 3,000 metres and generally speaking the wind falls off the icecap so we thought we would try it this way round first to prove that it was possible.
Using the ICEcap management application, BlackICE Agents can be centrally customized, configured and deployed for corporate remote users no matter where they are.
New Delhi, Dec 19 (ANI): The Chinese 25th Antarctic expedition team has left their Zhongshan Station for the highest icecap on the South Pole to set up the country's first inland Antarctic research station.
By the middle of the century, temperatures could have risen enough to trigger melting of the Greenland icecap, eventually increasing sea levels by about 7m.