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Synonyms for icebreaker

a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigation


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a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere

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Zukunft stressed that the need for a second heavy-duty polar icebreaker was critical.
Gabby, who presented Final Score between 2005 and 2013 and is married to former rugby star Kenny Logan, joined the Ivancroft partnership set up by Icebreaker in 2008.
Sparkdale LLP reported losses of PS9,399,878 in the same financial year, while the entire Icebreaker network is said to have shielded PS336m in the six years leading up to this point.
An Icebreaker Management spokesman said: "Icebreaker Management is extremely disappointed with this decision since it puts a valuable source of funding for the UK's independent music industry in jeopardy.
The Polar Star is a 399-foot Polar Class Icebreaker with a 140-person crew, home-ported in Seattle.
And if that plan fails, an even larger US icebreaker is 10 days away.
Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Report addressed recapitalization of U.
Earlier attempts by Chinese and French icebreakers to reach the Russian ship were also foiled by the thick ice, the report added.
arrows biomedical Deutschland GmbH is to implement Sysmex Bioscience's ICEBREAKER technology in its biomaterial-preservation practice.
It has also been alleged that Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Take That manager Jonathan Wild had invested at least pounds 26m in a scheme run by Icebreaker Management Services.
The addition of Icebreaker further adds more running, hiking and skiing options to the large inventory found at SocksAddict.
Summary: South Korean icebreaker ship, the Araon, has started its rescue mission for a Russian boat that is trapped in the Antarctic.
I found the icebreaker "Ultimate Teambuilding Exercise: The Facility Search for Contraband" useful, as it discusses the need for teamwork in searching for contraband and lays out a strategy to do so in a classroom setting.
TOKYO - The icebreaker Shirase left Japan on Wednesday on its 49th Antarctic expedition, which is also the icebreaker's last mission before it is decommissioned after its return to Japan next spring.