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A keen ice-hockey player, he once joked: "I'm far safer behind a wheel than I am on an ice rink.
General manager of the Slovak ice-hockey association, Miroslav Satan, and coach Craig Ramsey represented the national ice-hockey players who could not come to this historical oath-taking as premiere league matches were being played on January 30.
WOMEN ice-hockey players are on a recruitment drive as they prepare for international competition next year and a crack at the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.
During the 2013-2014 season, QMIHA will also be co-operating closely with the Qatar Olympic Committee to ensure cross-training of aspiring young Qatari national ice-hockey players within the QMIHA.
30pm in the hope that they will show the legendary footage of the crazed participants, clad only in underpants and skates, clumsily tearing across the ice before allowing fully-equipped ice-hockey players to slam them into the board at the side of the rink.
TWO top ice-hockey players who beat up two teenagers outside a nightclub have walked from court unpunished.
Leh, (J-K), Dec 20 (ANI): Ice-Hockey players in Leh demanded the affiliation of the game with the Sports Council and basic facilities for the development of the game.