ice-cream sundae

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ice cream served with a topping


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Demi said she wanted her ice-cream sundae - complete with bubble gum blue ice cream and a cocktail decoration - to look like the Beacon because "it's colourful and fun".
Vadilal has also increased its promotional activities, creating a record-breaking, 4,000 litre ice-cream sundae.
My daughter, in creative mood, tried the mini chocolate challenge (where you create your own dessert delight with ice-cream, chunky chocolate fudge brownies, marshmallows and warm chocolate flavour fudge frenzy sauce) while my son ate an ice-cream sundae and the hubby, with still a bit more room, indulged in caramel apple crumble pie - which he described as "proper comfort food".
3) TAKE FOUR tall ice-cream sundae glasses and pour some of the chocolate sauce into each.
Not only will you feel stylish, you will smell like an ice-cream sundae.
Desserts including ice-cream sundae or fruit jelly, and either a fizzy drink, squash or milk, was included in the pounds 4.
Examples of over indulgence included an ice-cream sundae with a glossy chocolate sauce and deep fried ice-cream - a favourite invented by the Victorians.
Food took centre stage, with everything from seaweed chocolate, venison curry and shellfish ice-cream sundaes on offer in the cookery section, which had 130 exhibitors.
Everyone remembers the parlour for its ice-cream sundaes and knickerbocker glories and here's what you said about it: Tom Catt: "I went there as a kid with my gran and loved it.
Our winner will kick off the night with a free meal and bottle of wine, before cooling off with ice-cream sundaes.
But all's well because Harry has discovered that eating ice-cream sundaes and learning the sax aren't going to fill up his retirement.