ice-cream soda

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a drink with ice cream floating in it

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He was incapable of speech, mumbled his order, looked anxiously at the clock, despatched his ice-cream soda in tremendous haste, and was gone.
There might have been the odd overindulgence in hot steamy homemade pancakes straight from the grill, or an ice-cream soda a bit too close to bedtime, but is that really bad for us?
n Float: Essentially the same thing as an ice-cream soda, but often made with a flavoured soft-drink such as root beer, cola or orange soda, as opposed to carbonated water flavoured with syrup.
And while there will be several hands-on activities, the most tasty is likely to be the make-your-own ice-cream soda.
Console yourself with a home-made ice-cream soda topped off, with - yes, you guessed it.
You'll find an authentic ice-cream soda fountain, a shop devoted entirely to incense, an establishment selling cigars that are hand-rolled by a craftsman who sits in the front window.
On the way home, we might stop at the park or drop into a candy store for an ice-cream soda, all the while listening to Daddy tell stories about his mother and recalling his boyhood escapades on these streets while we kids laughed and shot straw wrappers at each other.
There, waiters jot down ``chocolate O'' on their order pads for a chocolate soda, and ``chocolate U'' for a sundae (see if you can crack the code), and ice-cream sodas are served with a tiny pitcher of seltzer water on the side - not enough for a complete refill, but enough to rejuvenate the drink after a few sips.