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ice cream in a crisp conical wafer

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Ice-cream cone craft You will need Cardboard or stiff coloured paper Paints Stickers Cotton Wool Method Cut the shape of a cone and stick it on to some paper.
Western Union offers more than just fast money transfers -- this summer, Western Union is giving patrons the chance to win McDonald'sA Beef Burgers, McDonald'sA Beef Burger Meals and McDonald'sA ice-cream cones every time they send money from Qatar to the Philippines.
Although Douglas' dad never praised his son for his acting skills, he bought the young Kirk an ice-cream cone.
That was at a sweltering St Louis Fair, Missouri, USA - and his quick thinking has made the ice-cream cone a staple of summers ever since.
By the time you realise what's happened, your treat is soaring skywards and you're left with an empty ice-cream cone.
Mirage layers an image of an ice-cream cone, a packet of cactus seed, and a paint chip stamped with the color name "Las Vegas" on top of a desert landscape complete with circling buzzards; the whole assemblage bears the legend "What sells is hope.
This year's entries included a 4-foot-tall ice-cream cone and a miniature version of the Superman Ultimate Escape roller coaster.
But none of those people could capture Jaqua's heart quite as much as Camelot, the camel who nuzzled her hand after she fed him an ice-cream cone full of alfalfa pellets, oats and corn.
A MAKER of ice-cream cones and bakery products is the subject of a management buy-out approach valuing the business at pounds 5.
This could be the end of sticky, dripping ice-cream cones.
Marchesi loves to bake and credits her win to her secret ingredient - crumbled ice-cream cones - in the easy cookies.
Then the Villa will make the rest of the Premiership look like ice-cream cones - by licking them in every match.
The theme of the investigation is that adult students are asked to make Ice-Cream Cones containing two scoops of two different flavors.
ALDI DAIRY ICE-CREAM CONES WITH summer just around the corner Aldi has brought out a new mixed pack of dairy ice-cream cones, including Milfina Choc & Nut and Strawberry flavours.
Gasp at the artist's ability to balance ice-cream cones on his nose